Introducing Our Next-Generation FLISR Solution

A Distribution Management System Software Package

The latest solution for fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR) redefines simplicity and reliability in distribution automation. With an intuitive user interface and a modern display, FLISR on Blueframe offers unparalleled transparency and ease of use to minimize customer outages and control wide-area distribution.

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What Is FLISR on Blueframe?

The FLISR application package is part of the Distribution Management System (DMS) suite on SEL Blueframe and is comprised of three applications: FLISR, Power System Model (PSM), and Model Data Import (MDI). With FLISR on Blueframe, you can reduce customer outages, improve reliability metrics, and provide rapid fault detection and system restoration.

FLISR on Blueframe is:

  • Simple—system configurations are created in minutes with no complex modeling required.
  • Scalable—feeders can be designed and deployed individually and remain operational as new feeders are expanded across the grid.
  • Secure—runs on SEL Blueframe, a secure, Linux-based operating system designed for operational technology (OT) applications.
  • Fast—uses protection and switching devices at the grid edge for fault location, increasing the speed of service restoration.
  • Interoperable—vendor-agnostic with all reclosers that support DNP3, including the SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control and the SEL-651RA Recloser Control.
  • Versatile—designed to work on overhead and underground circuits.

Configure Settings in Minutes

Design the model for your system using the PSM application, which offers a simple and intuitive graphical configuration interface. You can also import real-world GIS data using the MDI application to automatically configure your power system model for FLISR. GIS integration makes it easy to scale to and update large systems with hundreds or thousands of feeders.

Restore Service in Seconds

The FLISR application provides rapid detection of a permanent fault and greatly reduces customer outage time by continuously monitoring breakers, reclosers, and switches and then taking over after any involved protection is finished.

With real-time visualization of your system, you can monitor the status of field devices, control the operations of the FLISR system, and access operations and deployment reports.

FLISR Reports—Automated, Comprehensive, and Clear

FLISR automatically generates reports for every event and deployment. These reports are designed to be detailed yet easy to read and include one-line diagrams, the feeder state before and after restoration, and the sequence of actions taken by the FLISR system to isolate the fault and restore service.

FLISR can also be deployed in Advisory Mode. In this operational state, FLISR generates a detailed report complete with load distribution calculations and switching sequences for isolating a fault and restoring the load. The report accelerates users’ ability to manually execute isolation and restoration switching sequences through an existing SCADA system.

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