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Feeder Protection

The comprehensive protection capabilities of SEL relays lay the foundation for a safer, more reliable distribution system.

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SEL feeder protection solutions are ideal for:

  • Fault location and event analysis—get your systems back online quickly, and find the root cause.
  • Radial and looped distribution circuits—apply time-overcurrent, directional overcurrent, over/undervoltage, and frequency protection.
  • Ultrafast fiber-optic arc-flash detection and mitigation to improve safety and prevent equipment damage.
  • Breaker failure detection and enhanced breaker monitoring.
  • Bay control with breaker wear monitoring and high-speed failure detection.

Flexible communications protocol options, including DNP3, Modbus, Mirrored Bits communications, and IEC 61850, let you configure a secure protection network.

Add advanced communications and automation capabilities whenever you’re ready.

751  NEW

SEL-751 Feeder Protection Relay

Feeder protection, automation, and control in one package.


  • Comprehensive protection for radial and looped distribution circuits
  • Fault location and event analysis
  • Arc-flash detection and mitigation
  • Sensitive neutral input and nondirectional sensitive earth fault (SEF) protection
  • Situational awareness and asset monitoring
  • Protection in hazardous and potentially explosive environments

SEL-451 Protection, Automation, and Bay Control System

Complete substation bay control and high-speed breaker protection in one powerful, economical device.


  • Bay control with breaker wear monitoring and high-speed breaker failure detection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • High-impedance fault detection
  • Pad-mounted switchgear protection
  • Digital secondary system solutions for substations—use SEL Time-Domain Link (TiDL) or Sampled Values (SV) technologies to move high-energy signals out of the control house and replace copper wiring with fiber

SEL-351S Protection System

Comprehensive feeder and overcurrent protection—perfect for distribution feeder applications.


SEL-851 Feeder Protection Relay

Feeder protection, monitoring, and control for utility and industrial applications in a compact device.

Popular Panels-Feeder

Configure-to-Order (CTO) Panels

Choose from a variety of fully tested and validated protection modules, and we’ll assemble and configure the panel. Deploy a complete solution quickly, with guaranteed functionality and predesigned and validated settings.

Products and Service You Can Rely On

SEL products are designed and manufactured for the world’s most challenging environments, exceeding all industry standards for temperature, shock, and electric stress. An optional conformal coating for circuit boards adds an extra level of protection against contaminants in extreme environments.

Every SEL product comes with a ten-year warranty—the best in the industry. If any product fails under warranty, we’ll repair or replace it for free.

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We’re happy to answer all your questions and help develop the best solution for your needs.

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Unbeatable Support

SEL support teams are stationed in regional offices around the world and staffed with application engineers who are experts in our products and in power system applications.

Technical support for SEL-manufactured devices is always free. No matter how often you need to call or how long your SEL products have been in service, you’ll reach an SEL expert who can provide the service and support you need.

Our cybersecurity team is always ready with the information and resources needed to keep your OT networks and critical systems secure and working effectively. Cyber services support contracts can include incident response, audits, system hardening, and more, depending on your anticipated needs.