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Garrison Microgrids

SEL powerMAX garrison-scale microgrid control systems are designed for military bases and similar applications where resiliency is paramount.

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The powerMAX Power Management and Control System uses hardened computing and communications, including adaptive relaying and cybersecurity, to provide high-performance control and reliability.

Our control algorithms and demand response operate quickly and accurately to preserve the balance between load and generation, maintain system stability and, most importantly, make sure the base is operating at all times.

Unlike many other microgrid control systems, powerMAX is modular and scalable; you can purchase and build your system in blocks over time as funding permits.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless and automatic islanding from and reconnection to the bulk power grid as needed.
  • Elimination of single points of failure by sharing the load between generators.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity with software-defined networking (SDN).
  • MIL-STD-TMS compliance and full interoperability with other power system components.

Designed for Ultimate Reliability

Microgrids have low inertia compared to the larger macrogrid. The powerMAX system is ideal because the SEL Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) makes automated control decisions at near-relay speeds, allowing the system to maintain the balance between generation and load in response to fast-developing adverse conditions.

If a generator or communications are lost, the system automatically reroutes power. If generation doesn’t meet the load requirements, powerMAX prioritizes loads and minimizes load shedding to maintain power.

For military installations that use backup diesel generation, powerMAX can parallel existing diesel generators. The benefits of paralleling include wet-stacking correction and fuel savings, which increase resiliency and prolong mission capability.

Additionally, the powerMAX control system doesn’t rely on proximity to any given generation source or load; it can be located anywhere within the base, allowing for a more strategic base layout.

Flexible Integration and Retrofits

SEL’s TMS-MIL-STD-compliant microgrid is unique in that it works with all makes and models of generators, inverters, and loads. You can easily retrofit existing commercial off-the-shelf and tactical microgrid system (TMS) generators in the field with an SEL control system. If a generation device communicates, we can connect, control, and parallel it.

Cybersecurity: Defense in Depth

SEL microgrid systems use a defense-in-depth approach to guarantee information assurance and secure operation. We apply cybersecurity in a layered approach that maximizes reliability and minimizes the intrusiveness of controls on existing critical processes.

In addition to physical security, SEL implements four digital zones of defense in our systems.

The cybersecurity structure in SEL microgrid controls ensures resilient power to critical facilities and protects not only against malicious attacks, but also against internal errors, with the ability to control user access to different information throughout the system.

Garrison Cybersecurity

Security and Quality You Can Rely On

All of our electronic devices are designed, tested, and manufactured in SEL-owned and -operated facilities in the United States.

The SEL Engineering Services team follows rigorous engineering procedures for design, development, testing, and commissioning of electric power systems. We continually identify, monitor, and improve best practices to ensure your satisfaction.

We practice secure supply chain management, including verified chains of custody, responsible sourcing, and keeping quantities of critical parts in reserve. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements.

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