Manual Reset

Manual Reset (MR) Fault Indicators employ a magnetic principle using two magnetic elements. One is the yoke which is demagnetized by the fault current, allowing the other to act on the display and cause a reflective red target to show. The target is held in place magnetically until the MR is reset using the Manual Reset Tool.

The MR is secured to the line using over-center toggle clamps and may be applied or removed with a hot stick. MR Fault Indicators have a response time of 12 ms at the trip rating. The display has a red reflective target area of 3.3 square centimeters.

Test and Reset Tools for Fault Indicators

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After a fault occurs, use an MR or Manual Button Fault Indicator (MB) before reclosing for inexpensive, efficient fault location.

Line-powered, battery free.

The MR model is available in a convenient kit to keep on a truck. The kit includes three MRs and a Manual Reset Tool in a sturdy, lightweight carrying case.

MR models are also applicable on overhead systems.

More than 50 years of field-proven reliability.

Nominal Trip Ratings100 to 800 A
Trip Tolerance±10%
System Voltage Range 
OverheadUp to 38 kVL-L
UndergroundMatches the URD Cable Rating
Maximum Fault Current25 kA for 10 Cycles
Trip Response Time8 ms
Outer Diameter Clamping Range0.25" to 1.4" (Please Specify the Clamping Diameter or Range When Ordering)
Temperature Range—40° to +85°C
Approximate Weight140 g (0.31 lbs)


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