Current Reset

Current Reset Fault Indicators can be installed on both underground and overhead systems. CRs are powered by the load current present on an energized line. A CR indicator will respond to a fault and remain in the faulted-display condition until the line is energized with normal line load at which time it will automatically reset. For underground applications, three-phase versions are available with integral and remote displays.

UV-stabilized housings, stainless steel, and vinyl-coated clamping mechanisms make CR Fault Indicators suitable for use in the harsh environments of overhead and underground applications.

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Years of Maintenance-Free Operation—Apply this energy-harvesting fault indicator in pad-mounted and underground distribution equipment without elbow test points.

Ideal Fault-Finding Solution—Apply to primary 200 A class and 600 A class URD feeders in any medium-voltage radial distribution circuit. Install on medium-voltage primary underground cable applications or on low-voltage secondary lines in industrial environments. The unit automatically resets upon restoration of load current.

Time Savings and Safety—Use remote display options, such as the RadioRANGER Wireless Fault Indication System, to eliminate the need to open a pad-mounted or subsurface enclosure to determine fault status.

Report Back to SCADA—Choose the auxiliary contact option for SCADA compatibility.

  • Automatically resets upon restoration of load current.
  • Closed-core design provides adjacent phase immunity.
  • Available for single- and three-phase applications.
  • Choose from BEACON LED, target, and combination displays, depending on your application and operating practices.
  • Ideal for installation in pad-mounted equipment without elbow test points; install the fault indicator outside of the influence of the ground return path of the cable's concentric neutral.
  • Installation on low-voltage secondary lines provides an ideal fault-finding solution in industrial environments.
  • Choose the auxiliary contact option for SCADA compatibility.
  • Fault-powered current reset models also available for low-load current applications. Please consult SEL.
  • Tamperproof bolt display.
  • BEACON bolt display.
  • Standard “V” display.
  • Large “L” display.
  • RadioRANGER remote fault reader display.
Power Source 
Current ResetLoad current ≥3 A
Trip Value 
Current Reset100 to 1200 A
Fault Powered200 to 800 A
Maximum FaultCurrent 25 kA for 10 cycles
Trip Response Time 
Current Reset1 ms
Fault Powered8 ms nominal (function of current)
Outer Diameter Clamping Range0.75" to 2.10" (please specify clamping diameter or range when ordering)
Reset Requirements3 A
Housing MaterialUV-stabilized polycarbonate resin
Clamp MaterialVinyl-coated silicon steel
SubmersibilityUp to 15 feet
Temperature Range—40° to +85°C


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