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Submersible Separable-Core Current Transformer

The SEL-SCT is designed for applications where it is difficult or uneconomical to open the primary conductor to install a solid-core-type CT. The separable-core design allows the SEL-SCT to be separated into a two-part assembly installed over bushings or cables, and reassembled, without interrupting the monitored connection. SEL-SCTs are held in place with cable ties. The submersible design provides reliable use in subsurface vaults where flooding can occur. 

The SEL-SCT is encapsulated in flexible vinyl plastic with 600 V insulation level. The SEL-SCT base and body can be pulled apart, placed around a cable, and reconnected. Two included stainless steel worm gear clamps secure the body to the base of the current transformer and prevent water intrusion into the core.

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Subsurface Vault Feeder Monitoring—Use the SEL-SCT together with an SEL relay and an SEL-3061 Cellular Router to wirelessly send feeder data to SCADA or a distribution management system (DMS) to monitor loads, detects overload conditions, and capture pre- and post-event data.

Load Current and Overcurrent Sensing—Apply SEL-SCTs to serve as an input for source transfer relays. Use SEL-SCTs to distinguish fault current from load current to prevent switching into a fault.

Wet Environment Submetering—Use SEL-SCTs to submeter equipment within wet environments, including water treatment plants, pulp and paper mills, and other environments subject to water and extreme humidity.


Submersible Separable-Core Current Transformers
Submersible, vinyl-dipped, and installed around existing cables

DescriptionCurrent RatioPart NumberType/SizeDrawingIEC Metering ClassIEC Protection ClassIEEE Metering ClassAt Burden (VA)Order
Submersible CT with 4-inch wire leads600:5T1796Rectangular 3.5"View1.0-FS105P-41.2-RF22.5Order
Submersible CT with 20-foot cable600:5T1796EMRectangular 3.5"View1.0-FS105P-42.4 RF22.5Order

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Accessories for Current Transformers

DescriptionPart NumberLengthConnectorPhotoOrder
CT release tool for submersible CTs onlyCTUSRTN/AN/AViewOrder

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.