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SEL-734W and SEL-8340

Capacitor Bank Control and Wireless Current Sensor

The SEL-734W and SEL-8340 solution is a quicker, simpler, and safer way to provide accurate current-based control for capacitor bank installations. This is the first capacitor bank control to use wireless technology to improve power quality while avoiding difficult-to-install line post current sensors.

Starting At

SEL-734W: $1760
SEL-8340: $630

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New or Retrofit Capacitor Bank Installations—Install new capacitor banks with advanced control or update existing time- and temperature-based capacitor bank controls for more accurate switching. You can replace your existing socket-based controls with a current-enabled solution without replacing any of the primary equipment.

Location Flexibility—Measure line current at one point of the distribution system while operating a capacitor bank at a nearby point on the system. You can install one or three SEL-8340 wireless sensors up to 1,500 feet away for applications where the capacitor bank is not near the inductive loads.

Power Quality Monitoring—Improve power quality and address customer concerns with advanced monitoring features, such as harmonic measurements, load profile trending, and voltage sag, swell, and interruption (VSSI) recording.

Ease of Installation

The lightweight current sensors install on an overhead distribution line using a single hot stick. There is no need for an outage or significant hot-line work.



Location Flexibility

Mount the wireless current sensors closer to your inductive loads, not just at the control. The sensors can be mounted up to 1,500 feet away from the capacitor bank installation.



Switching Accuracy

Control the capacitor bank with voltage, kVAR, current, and power factor for greater accuracy. Pairing the SEL-734W with as many as three SEL-8340 sensors allows you to measure reactive power on three phases.


Use one sensor type for all your capacitor bank installations, with support for voltages up to 38 kV.


Create custom control schemes with programmable SELogic and acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software design templates.


The SEL-734W and SEL-8340 are approved for use by the governments of the following countries:

  • Canada
  • United States


Provide power to radios, gateways, or other accessories with the integrated 40 W, 15 Vdc power supply.

System Monitoring

Use the SEL-734W and SEL-8340 solution to:

  • Monitor active and reactive forward and reverse power flow.
  • Monitor harmonics up to the 15th order.
  • Trend power system conditions with up to 16 recording channels.
  • Log years of data with the load profile recorder.

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Instruction Manuals

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