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Microgrids provide energy assurance using reliable, resilient, and secure solutions for maintaining uninterrupted energy delivery. SEL solutions maintain system stability with deterministic control that operates at subcycle speeds to preserve load and generation balance while seamlessly islanding and recoupling with the bulk electric system.

powerMAX Power Management Solutions

Designed by Engineering Services experts, an SEL powerMAX Power Management and Control System is an integrated system composed of scalable relay and control hardware, software, and logic processing.

Automation Controllers

Designed for use throughout a utility, SEL Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTACs) provide flexible system control with integrated security, seamless configuration, unified logic, and reliability.

Computing Platforms

SEL offers a standard rack-mount server-quality industrial computer, and a “mount-anywhere” compact industrial computer, and for all your computer application needs.

Protection Devices

In addition to their protection functions, these devices provide advanced features for distributed energy resource (DER) interconnections.