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Retrofit Plate

Retrofit and modernize existing panels or switchgear and get all the benefits of configure-to-order (CTO) solutions. SEL-7210 plates come with 15-foot pigtails to connect to your existing terminal blocks.

SEL-7210 plates provide advanced protection, control, and communications using either SEL-351S or SEL-751 Feeder Protection Modules. All SEL-7210 plates offer the following features:

  • Overcurrent, voltage, frequency, breaker failure, and power elements
  • Reclosing
  • Sync-check
  • Hot-line tagging
  • Remote breaker control via communications
  • Integration with zone-interlocked bus protection for the source bus (IEEE C37.234)
  • Battery and breaker wear monitoring
  • Sequential Events Recorder (SER)
  • Load profile reporting
  • Integration with advanced SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 Fault Transmitter and Receiver System distribution protection schemes
  • 15-foot pigtail to connect to your existing terminal blocks 
  • Dimensions of 15.75" tall × 22" wide × 10" deep 
  • Customizable wire labels to match your existing nomenclature
  • Customizable nameplates to meet your nomenclature needs
  • Drawing package
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Available Application Modules

351S Retrofit Plate

SEL-351S Feeder Retrofit Plate

This plate provides advanced feeder protection for one feeder and offers breaker control functions via independent direct-acting pushbuttons on the relay.

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751 Retrofit plate

SEL-751 Feeder Retrofit Plate

This plate provides advanced feeder protection for one feeder, offers breaker control functions via SEL-9510 pushbuttons, and offers arc-flash detection.

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SEL CTO panels embody SEL best-known engineering methods and field-tested expertise in mechanical design, cable management, protection, precise time, automation, communications, and metering.

Application modules support common protection and automation practices while universal wiring to terminal blocks allows customization flexibility to adapt to any common primary equipment configuration and operation practice.

The SEL Difference

SEL uses the same world-class manufacturing principles for our panels that we use for all our industry-leading products. This allows us to design, manufacture, test, and deliver top-quality and comprehensive panel systems.

Complete vertical integration and standardized application designs help us maintain competitive prices and high quality while still meeting the highest functionality requirements.

Design Principles

SEL CTO panels provide the following:

  • Fully redundant protection and breaker failure protection at all voltage levels.
  • Preconfiguration for cybersecurity framework integration.
  • Advanced SEL technology, such as arc-flash protection, zone-interlocked bus protection logic, and negative-sequence overcurrent protection, that is ready to deploy.
  • Simple integration to SCADA and HMI.
  • Continuous monitoring to reduce the possibility of hidden failures and facilitate extended testing intervals.
  • An industrial design for improved human performance.

Design Validation That Guarantees Expected Performance

We build a prototype and test each application module design to ensure it meets functional specifications. This process allows our manufacturing facility to properly document processes and test manufacturing equipment for production.

Drawing Package

SEL CTO panels come with comprehensive information using best practices for documenting protection and control circuitry. With standardization, the level of error-free detail is unmatched compared to what is practical with custom panels. SEL drawing packages are personalized to your substation project and nomenclature and include:

  • Application-specific circuit information.
  • One-line diagram customized with your primary equipment information.
  • AC schematics diagrams documenting relay sensing circuits, protection functions, and space to incorporate customer primary equipment information.
  • DC schematic diagrams with panel control circuits and space to include external connection points from marshalling cabinets and primary equipment.
  • Comprehensive logic diagrams documenting logic settings for the application, including local/remote control and indication, target LEDs, fault protection, alarms, event report triggers, open, close, reclose, and trip.
  • Panel layout drawing containing device locations, dimensions, and anchoring details.
  • Wiring diagram with wiring label nomenclature.
  • Nameplate drawing that includes all labels created and installed in the panel.


We engineer, manufacture, and test our panels to ensure adequate operation before delivery. When a panel arrives at your site, it is already verified as fully functional.

Warranty and Support

SEL panels are supported by an unmatched ten-year warranty and the industry’s best customer service.

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.