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SEL-5705 Synchrowave Reports

Automated Meter Data and Power Quality Reporting Software

SEL-5705 Synchrowave Reports Software collects and combines data from multiple measurement points and provides tabular reports of load profile data, voltage disturbances, energy consumption, and power quality compliance. Automated report generation can drive planning, operating, and accounting decisions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Synchrowave Reports can be configured with report templates designed to support metering data analysis and power quality monitoring.

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SEL-5705 Synchrowave Reports can be licensed with two options. Synchrowave Reports—Meter Data includes report templates to support meter data analysis, while Synchrowave Reports—Power Quality includes all Meter Data reports and an IEEE 519 Compliance report template.

Synchrowave Reports is server-based software that requires SEL-5045 acSELerator Team software to collect metering data for analysis. Synchrowave Reports—Meter Data and Synchrowave Reports—Power Quality can be purchased individually or bundled with an acSELerator Team license.

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Automatically Generate Reports—Save time and reduce steps with scheduled report generation to automate your meter data tracking processes. Choose reports that present high-level summary information about your system or detailed information from specific metering points.

Receive Reports by Email—Streamline data tracking and compliance monitoring with detailed reports pushed to your phone or computer at selected intervals.

Trend Data to Understand Power System Performance—Combine metering and power quality data to compare and understand power system performance at specific times or over longer intervals. Easily export files to third-party databases for trending or analysis.

Optimize Resources—Increase efficiency and reduce costs using data captured by SEL meters to drive planning, operating, and accounting decisions.

Enhance Security—Maintain data confidentiality with a web-based interface offering TLS encryption and LDAP authentication.

System Architecture

Synchrowave Reports works in coordination with acSELerator Team SEL-5045 Software. Team regularly polls the meter and collects Load Data Profile (LDP) and other data, archiving it in an acSELerator Database.

Access Synchrowave Reports through a web browser. Information for report generation, viewing, analysis, and distribution is retrieved through the acSELerator Database by the Synchrowave Platform.

Synchrowave Reports includes several report templates to simplify data analysis out of the box. Each Synchrowave Reports configuration option includes a default set of reports to meet an application’s needs.

The software can be ordered in bundles with acSELerator Team licenses. The table below indicates the reports that are available in the Meter Data and the Power Quality software bundles.


Synchrowave Reports—Meter Data Overview

The Meter Data option includes reports to access and organize metering data collected and stored by acSELerator Team. Use these reports to quickly identify trends and opportunities for improvement, as well as validate usage patterns. In just a few clicks, operators can export and email reports in PDF or CSV format for easy sharing or further analysis in third-party software.

Meter Data reports can be used to organize data from site-wide metering points and analyze the consumption of energy during different periods. Avoid peak demand charges and optimize schedules that move overlapping electric processes to off-peak hours. ITI (CBEMA) curves and detailed voltage event tables can indicate power disturbance issues before they affect equipment.

Synchrowave Reports—Power Quality Overview

The Power Quality option includes an IEEE 519 Compliance report to streamline power quality compliance monitoring. The software analyzes metering data and delivers daily or weekly detailed reports with current and voltage harmonics up to the 50th harmonic for each metering point.

Harmonics negatively affect neighboring loads and generation sources, resulting in excess heat, efficiency loss, system capacity reduction, mechanical oscillations of motors and generators, light flickering, and other issues. Growing adoption of fast-switching devices like energy-efficient LEDs for all lighting locations, variable-frequency drives (VFDs) in industrial applications, and inverters in distributed generation and electric vehicle charging has increased undesirable harmonics on the power system. IEEE 519 Compliance reports help identify harmonic disturbances quickly.

Synchrowave Reports—Power Quality software also includes all Meter Data reports to provide system-wide awareness within the web interface.

Included ReportsMeter Data BundlePower Quality Bundle
acSELerator Team License1  
Team Event
Team Profile
Device Overview
Sequential Events Recorder (SER)
Load Data Profile (LDP)
Voltage, Sag, Swell, Interrupt (VSSI)
Signals or WAGES
IEEE 519 Compliance Report 

1 Both Meter Data and Power Quality options are available without an acSELerator Team license if an application already has Team software available.


    1. 1

      Locate recently generated reports and the compliance status for each metering point. Sort by name, date/time, and compliance status.

    2. 2

      Retrieve and print reports within the web browser interface, or save them as PDFs to a local or network drive.

    1. 1

      Create a template for daily or weekly reports.

    2. 2

      View scheduled reports and configure when reports are generated and delivered via email.

    3. 3

      Assign a measurement point and required parameters for each template.

    1. 1

      Schedule report generation and email delivery.

    2. 2

      Review and manage existing scheduled tasks.

    1. 1

      View high-level pass or fail information for current and voltage harmonics.

    2. 2

      For asset management, view information including location, device type, and system configuration.

    1. 1

      Fail indicates frequency and amount above IEEE 519 threshold.

    2. 2

      Configurable alerts warn of noncompliance.



The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Instruction Manuals

Sales Resource Central access is required to view the content in this tab.

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Synchrowave Reports requires access to LDP records collected by Team and stored in an acSELerator Database. Licenses for the necessary software are available as a software bundle per metering point or as individual components in larger quantities.

For more details on licensing options, please contact your local SEL sales representative.

Reports Tab

Synchrowave Reports can generate the following report templates.

Device Overview Report

Visualize meter status, and manage metering point names, locations, time zones, time offsets, and more from one central location.

SER Report

Quickly identify the exact time of power loss events, settings changes, voltage disturbances, digital state changes, meter access in a precision time-stamped summary report of device and system events.

Load Data Profile (LDP) Report

Refine LDP data selection with an interactive view of the information for a specified time period. Use the LDP report to tabulate data from one or more measurement points, up to 16 distinct channels. This data can include maximum, minimum, average, and timed-interval quantities like current, voltage, frequency, and power collected by supported SEL devices. Analyze trends and inspect records from a metering point, device, or group that you select.

VSSI Summary and Detail Reports

View event summaries, including ITI categorization, with the VSSI Summary Report. Use the VSSI Detail Report to perform event analysis with detailed VSSI data (using variable sampling rate records) in tabular format. Identify points of interest with 4 ms resolution. Determine the time, duration, severity, and location of power quality disturbances.

Signals Report

Combine water, air, gas, electricity, and steam (WAGES) consumption from third-party pulse-output meters and convert pulses to units using the scaling features of the Signals Report.

IEEE 519 Compliance Report

Identify distortion at the point of common coupling that produces undesirable harmonics on the power system with IEEE 519 Compliance Reports. Detailed reports combine summary report information, including pass/fail status, with individual voltage and current harmonic values for each metering point, up to the 50th harmonic.