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Recorded Webinar

Innovating DFR Solutions—Continuous Oscillography, Asset Monitoring, and More

Date held: September 6, 2023
Duration: 1 hour

Digital fault recorders (DFRs) capture vital power system event and disturbance data, supporting system analysis and compliance with NERC PRC-002. 

This webinar discusses the advanced DFR and substation monitoring solutions that SEL offers. We’ve also shared recent DFR innovations, including continuous oscillography streaming and recording, simplified configuration, advanced asset monitoring and digital signal processing capabilities, and more.  

Topics include: 

  • Hardware components for DFR systems (the SEL RTAC and SEL Axion). 
  • How to quickly and easily configure DFR systems—using a new acSELerator RTAC library extension. 
  • Convenient recording of 3 kHz continuous oscillography samples or synchrophasor-based dynamic disturbance measurements using the SEL RTAC time-series database. 
  • Advanced substation asset monitoring capabilities, such as monitoring CTs and PTs, breaker wear, and network communications. 
  • Additional software components that provide centralized data collection, visualization, and analytics, including Synchrowave Monitoring, synchroWAVe Event, and the Data Management and Automation (DMA) application suite on SEL Blueframe. 

Zach Kasperick

Zach Kasperick

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.