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Latest Software Versions

SEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software

RevisionDatabase VersionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Update for Designer Template groups to send not being selected on some devices
  • Updates to 751 touch screen support

SEL-5032 acSELerator Architect Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • When supported by an IED, allowed the MMS inactivity timeout to be disabled by setting it to 0 seconds.

SEL-5033 acSELerator RTAC Software

RevisionFirmware IDStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Added FTP and SFTP server.
  • Added support for the SEL-2245-42 AC Protection Module.
  • Added support for configuring recording groups to combine events from multiple SEL-2245-42 AC Protection modules, SEL-2244 Digital I/O modules, or digital IEC 61131 tags.
  • Enhanced the RTAC webpage to support firmware updates.
  • Added the ability to support IP aliasing on Ethernet interfaces from the logic engine.
  • Enhanced X.509 certificates to have more options for the valid time period.
  • Enhanced SEL Server to support direct transparent connections.
  • Enhanced SEL Server to notify Team of uncollected SOE events.
  • Enhanced transparent connections with SEL Client to preserve quality of meter tags.
  • Enhanced Live Data to support filtering.
  • Enhanced Live Data to have descriptive labels to filter on.
  • Enhanced Live Data to support the enable/disable of forcing Live Data per point.

SEL-5035 acSELerator Diagram Builder Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Removed Digits property of Integer Status Label control in Diagram Builder
  • Removed unnecessary attributes from Print Preview feature on Log File viewer in Diagram Builder
  • Added the ability to allow the user to activate and use a manual pan and zoom control panel on the RTAC HMI in the browser
  • Updated rendering of Disconnect Switch on the RTAC HMI in the browser
  • Performed general maintenance

SEL-5036 acSELerator Bay Screen Builder Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Initial Version

SEL-5045 acSELerator Team Software

RevisionMinimum QuickSet VersionMinimum Database VersionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Resolved an issue with the Automated Data Deletion job’s access to the database.

SEL-5073 synchroWAVe Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) Software

RevisionFirmware IDStart DateSummary of Revisions
R116SEL-5073-R116-V0-Z008005-D2015041004/10/2015General operational improvements.

SEL-5601-2 synchroWAVe Event

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
1.2.303/27/2017Improved support for installation on computers with restricted permissions.

SEL-5078-2 synchroWAVe Central

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
2.0.202/16/2017Data processing improvements for automatic disturbance detection feature.

synchroWAVe MegaScope

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
1.0.1103/21/2017Initial software release:
  • Oscilloscope for viewing streaming SEL-T400L voltages and currents.
  • Frequency Waterfall for analyzing the frequency spectrum.

SEL Compass

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions issue that caused downloads to fail for files over 100mb in size.



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