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Latest Software Versions

SEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software

RevisionDatabase VersionStart DateSummary of Revisions

Device Manager Plugin

  • Addressed an issue where SEL-251C and SEL-251CD devices could not be saved.
  • Addressed an issue where SEL-251C, SEL-251CD, and SEL RTAC devices were created without an assigned Generate Password Script.
  • Addressed an issue where importing a DMX erroneously reported a version incompatibility with the acSELerator Database.
  • Added a "Connect with QuickSet Parameters" menu option for devices in the Connection Explorer.
  • Added a new Terminate Script (GENERAL_RTAC_SEL_SERVER_TERMINATE_SCRIPT) that invokes the SEL.Terminate() function and respects the Delay Time field values of the device.

BayControl Screens

  • Added SEL-411L, SEL-421, SEL-451-5, and SEL-487E Screens


  • Updated QuickSet to use TLS 1.2 when communicating with over HTTPS. The previous release used TLS 1.1.

SEL-5032 acSELerator Architect Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Created independent installer for ICD package and updated ICD related messages in Architect. SEL Compass and the ICD package are no longer silently installed by the Architect installer.
  • Fixed issue where projects created in significantly older versions of Architect and containing SEL-400 series devices would fail to load.
  • Added a warning when opening a project that was created in a newer version of Architect.

SEL-5033 acSELerator RTAC Software

RevisionFirmware IDStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Enhanced Dynamic Disturbance Recorder extension for projects created in or converted to R144 and later.

SEL-5035 acSELerator Diagram Builder Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Performed miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements, including the following:
    • Fixed an issue that caused the disconnect switch and voltage regulator controls to incorrectly display their dimensions under certain conditions while doing copy/paste or undo operations.
    • Added a setting to the acknowledgeable annunciator tiles and the annunciator tiles to allow a user to enable or disable a bell symbol when a child diagram is in an alarm state.
    • Added a missing user scenario that caused the LED color to be inverted when a user opened a project with an older version of Diagram Builder that had an LED using False as the alarm condition.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the background of a diagram to change to white when a user opened the Diagram Properties of a diagram and selected the Appearance tab.
    • Added an enhancement to the gauge control that allows users to specify where they want to have the zero point of reference.

SEL-5036 acSELerator Bay Screen Builder Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Initial Version

SEL-5045 acSELerator Team Software

RevisionMinimum QuickSet VersionMinimum Database VersionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Added a time zone label to the time stamp in the Team Web Server.
  • Added Sequence of Events (SOE) support for SEL-311C-3, SEL-487B-1, SEL-849, SEL-2411P, SEL-401, and SEL-421-7.
  • Added support for SEL-3560.
  • Removed SEL-321-X Team TFL support.

SEL-5073 synchroWAVe Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) Software

RevisionFirmware IDStart DateSummary of Revisions
R116SEL-5073-R116-V0-Z008005-D2015041004/10/2015General operational improvements.

SEL-5601-2 synchroWAVe Event

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Resolved a potential buffer overflow condition.
  • Fixed integration with QuickSet Device Manager.
  • Added a warning when plotting phasor quantities.
  • Improved search performance for digital quantities.

SEL-5078-2 synchroWAVe Central

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Added sub-group capability to views.
  • Added option to configure number of significant figures for Numeric Display.
  • Added minimum y-axis scale option for Standard Chart.
  • Added option to configure signal line thickness on Standard Chart.
  • Increased web-client data export limit.

SEL Compass

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Improved application logic for download failures. Compass will now automatically retry download and only report to the user on repeated failure.
  • Addressed issue where Compass would fail file certificate validation due to user firewalls adding an additional certificate to the certificate chain.


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