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Latest Software Versions

SEL software is digitally signed. To learn how this enables you to verify that SEL software is authentic and intact, visit the Verifying SEL Software Authenticity page.

SEL-5231 SEL Configuration API

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
1.3.2300.0 12/18/2020
  • Added database backup and restore operations.
  • Added to audited operation responses a changed attributes property that provides a list of properties that changed.
  • Added support for obtaining and setting device password scripts.
  • Added enable_radius_authentication and who_are_you_response to the device nameplate properties.
  • Added a custom OpenAPI endpoint for improved compatibility with some code generation tools.
  • Added script management operations.
  • Added support for obtaining user account information.
  • Added support for obtaining workflow information.

SEL-5033 acSELerator RTAC Software

RevisionFirmware ID:Start DateSummary of Revisions

Performed a firmware point release for the RTAC, which required a manual update. Because the manual and acSELerator RTAC builds are coupled, the version of acSELerator RTAC had to be updated. No changes were done to the acSELerator RTAC Software other than changing its version number. For a full list of release notes, consult the Version release notes in the acSELerator RTAC manual.

SEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software

RevisionDatabase VersionStart DateSummary of Revisions


  • Updated LDM components to accept read-only files imported or published from Bay Screen Builder.

QuickSet Prerequisites

  • Updated LDM components to accept read-only files imported or published from Bay Screen Builder.

QuickSet Common Files

  • Updated HMI components.


  • Enhanced QuickSet to display, via QuickSet menu Tools | Open Spectrum Report, Fourier Transform reports retrieved and saved from an SEL-710-5.

QuickSet Prerequisites

  • Enhanced the SEL-400 series drivers Expression Builder form by making it resizable.
  • Updated Display Point setting validation to allow quotation marks as valid input to be used within the Format Text section.
  • Added condition to HMI to handle mismatches between device DNA command and Fast Message response for Target values.

QuickSet Common Files

  • Added support for SEL-400G Z001.
  • When collecting event reports, users can now save all collected events in a synchroWAVe Event-supported .evzip format.
  • Updated DNP forms to prevent running of rules until after all settings are condensed.

acSELerator Database Device Manager Support

  • Added support for SEL Configuration API script and user account operations.
  • Added support for SEL-400G Z001.
  • Update for Large Display compatibility.

SEL QuickSet Spectrum Viewer Plugin

  • Added support for viewing saved Fourier Transform reports without having to connect to an SEL-710-5.

SEL-5032 acSELerator Architect Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions

For devices that support functional naming, the functional name of a logical device now displays in the following additional areas:

  • Datasets editor.
  • GOOSE receive tab: publication LD column and source data item path.
  • SV receive tab: publication LD column and source data item path.
  • Print subscriptions feature.
  • Dataset preview on Reports and SV Transmit editors.

Note that copy/paste to text on the receive tabs still uses the LD inst even if a functional name displays.

SEL-5035 acSELerator Diagram Builder Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
  • Added a dedicated Alarms Viewer to the RTAC HMI.
  • Added an option on Diagram Builder to enable the automatic polling of records for the Alarms Viewer.

SEL-5036 acSELerator Bay Screen Builder Software

RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions

Initial Version

    SEL-5037 Grid Configurator Software

    RevisionDatabase VersionStart DateSummary of Revisions
    1.1.0.x0.100.3501/21/2021 Grid Configurator
    • Added support for configuring and commissioning Time-Domain Link (TiDL) configurations in supported devices.
    • Updated the software to include workspaces for editing freeform logic settings in supported devices.
    • Added support for importing settings text files obtained from acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software.
    • Enhanced the terminal to support sending files, copying and pasting large amounts of data, sending cancel commands (Ctrl+X), and using the arrow keys to reuse previous commands.
    • Enhanced the reports workspace by allowing for the exporting of Sequence of Events (SOE) data and triggering of new events.
    • Enhanced the software to allow selection of which files to read from the device when reading the configuration.
    • Modified the software to name event files collected from the relay similarly to the COMTRADE 2013 naming standard.
    • Modified the software so that open connections of any type are closed when the final window of the application is closed.
    • Addressed an issue where deleting a folder would leave device project tabs contained inside that folder open.
    • Addressed an issue that in all previous versions of the software caused helper dialogs for list type settings to display the range incorrectly.
    • Addressed an issue where the installer would continue if the installed acSELerator Database version was incompatible.
    • Modified the software to remove the comments column from the outputs table on the device overview workspace.

    SEL-5045 acSELerator Team Software

    RevisionMinimum QuickSet VersionMinimum Database VersionStart DateSummary of Revisions

    Resolved an issue where Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) Sequence of Events (SOE) collection via the Encrypted Database method would fail.

      SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller

      Software VersionManual Date CodeSummary of Revisions
      • Added support for the SEL-2742S.
      • Improved reliability of Network Reset.
      • Increased the number of flows available for logical connections.
      • Addressed an issue with source address settings in CSTs.

      SEL-5057 SDN Application Suite

      Software VersionManual Date CodeSummary of Revisions
      • Improved audit support for layer-two-only hosts.
      • Improved support for audits with traditional switches in the network.
      • Filtered audits for TCP Port 0.

      SEL-5073 synchroWAVe Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) Software

      RevisionFirmware IDStart DateSummary of Revisions
      R116-V1SEL-5073-R116-V1-Z008005-D2019110111/01/2019General operational improvements.

      SEL-5078-2 synchroWAVe Central

      RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
      • Added subgroup capability to views.
      • Added option to configure number of significant figures for Numeric Display.
      • Added minimum y-axis scale option for Standard Chart.
      • Added option to configure signal line thickness on Standard Chart.
      • Increased web client data export limit.

      SEL-5601-2 synchroWAVe Event

      RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions

      Resolved an issue where the default display would not load for certain event reports.


        RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
        • Initial Version

        SEL Compass

        RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions
        • Added support for SEL Grid Configurator.
        • Replaced pacparser with Windows system calls for the parsing of PAC files. Pacparser, an open-source component, had a vulnerability that could allow memory overwrites.
        • Addressed issue where Compass could not load local package data on computers with a time format that uses periods rather than colons as a separator character.
        • Addressed issue where local time, rather than UTC time, was incorrectly used to validate HTTPS certificates.
        • Addressed issue where Compass incorrectly reported success when it failed to import a QuickSet driver package.
        • Established acSELerator Database ODBC Driver as a required component of the acSELerator Database. If a user chooses to install the acSELerator Database, the ODBC Driver is also installed.
        • Randomized the performance of update checks to between the hours of 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM to diffuse traffic to
        • Improved warning message displayed when Compass cannot validate an HTTPS certificate. Message now recommends that users run Windows Update.
        • Improved HTTPS certificate validation. Compass can now use a browser control in attempting to retrieve missing Root CA certificates to validate certificates when users access

        SEL-5860 software

        RevisionStart DateSummary of Revisions 10/23/2018

        Fix for unquoted service path enumeration vulnerability.


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