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Precise Time Features

Precise TimingSEL-2401SEL-2404SEL-2407SEL-3400SEL-3401SEL ICONSEL-2488
Time Source for Substation 
Time Source for Industrial Applications 
Time Source for PMU (Synchrophasors IEEE C37.118.1-2011) 
Time Source for Recloser     
Time Source for Line Current Differential Protection 
Time Source for Traveling-Wave Fault Location 
Time-Synchronized Event Reporting 
Large-Distance Viewing 200 ft (61 m)     
Time Sources and Time Distribution
Demodulated IRIG-B Outputs (Quantity)116124+4Up to 9
Modulated IRIG-B Outputs (Quantity)  1   Up to 4
GPS Satellite Tracking  
GLONASS Satellite Tracking (Reference Only)      
Demodulated IRIG-B Input    
Synchronized Pulse Output   
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server      
IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) (With IEEE C37.238-2011/2017 Power System and IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3:2016 Power Utility Automation Profiles)     
Satellite Signal Verification      
Large, 76.2 mm (3.0 in) Tall LED Display     
14 mm (0.56 in) Tall Display    
Rack-Mount Hardware
Panel-Mount or Wall-Mount Hardware
Universal Power Supply   
Dual, Redundant, Hot-Swappable Power Supplies     
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)      
Secure Web Interface for Configuration      
Serial Ports for Configuration    
User-Based Accounts     
TCXO Holdover  
OCXO Holdover      
Cable Delay Compensation for Time Outputs and Antenna    
Meets IEEE C37.90 and IEC 60255 Surge and Environmental Standards
Average Accuracy (ns) <100 <100 <100    <40
Peak Accuracy (ns) <500 <500 <500   <1000 <100

Standard Feature

Model Option/Accessory


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