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Distribution Bus Differential Protection Panel

SEL-7206 panels provide optimized low-impedance bus differential protection for distribution buses with one main, one tie, and up to five feeders. These panels include the following features:

  • Subcycle low-impedance bus differential protection 
  • Breaker failure protection 
  • Backup overcurrent for up to five feeders
  • Digital lockout and reset logic for 86B
  • Trip circuit monitor
  • Sequential Events Recorder (SER)
  • Dimensions of 92" tall × 28" wide × 28" deep
  • Customizable wire labels to match your existing nomenclature
  • Customizable nameplates to meet your nomenclature needs
  • Drawing package
  • SEL-2740S communications module available
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Starting At

$26,650 USD

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Request a Follow-Up

Available Application Modules

487B Distribution Bus Protection Module

SEL-487B Distribution Bus Protection Module

This module provides subcycle low-impedance bus differential, breaker failure, and backup overcurrent protection for buses with up to five feeders. You can add up to two of these modules per panel to protect two bus segments with up to ten feeders.

Lockout Module

Lockout Relay Module

This module provides independent mechanical lockout for the bus protection (86B). Available with up to two lockouts.


The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.