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Rack-Mount Remote I/O Module

Suitable for use in utility substations or industrial control and automation systems, the SEL-2516 Rack-Mount Remote I/O Module adds additional monitoring for SEL communications processors, featuring eight external contact inputs and outputs (I/O). Status-sensing inputs, clearly marked with an LED, allow clear identification of I/O points. Gain additional functions and higher reliability over a remote terminal unit (RTU). 

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Control and Monitoring—Extend contact I/O for SEL information processors. Monitor the status of external contacts transmitted via SEL Fast Meter messages to a communications processor, and control contact outputs using SEL Fast Operate commands.

Improved Safety—Circumvent dangerous ground potential rise, and increase safety with less dc ground exposure. The SEL-2516 Remote I/O Module also adds self-testing and automatic communications path checking.

Status Annunciation—View the state of each of the eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs with LED indication.

Reliable in Harsh Environments—Place near primary substation equipment to eliminate long runs of copper wiring in the substation yard. Fiber-optic cables not only save money on copper wiring, but also improve data reliability.


Additional Monitoring and Control
Eight digital inputs monitor the status of external contacts that are transmitted via SEL Fast Meter messages to a communications processor. Control eight contact outputs using SEL Fast Operate commands.

Replace control wiring to outside cabinets with fiber-optic cable to eliminate paths for dangerous voltages. All I/O terminals are behind the panel.

User-Configurable Labels
Allow clear indication of system function and status.

Easy Installation and Service
Install the rack-mount, compact two rack-unit chassis. The SEL-2516Screw-Terminal Connectorized (STC) blocks for easy replacement of the unit. DIP switches are used to set basic operating parameters.

Fiber-optic links reduce or eliminate data errors from electromagnetic interference. The SEL communications processor monitors the fiber-optic connection to the SEL-2516. The communications processor creates alarms when the fiber-optic cabling is damaged, disturbed, or disconnected.

Fiber-Optic Port Options:

Transceiver CompatibilityConnectorsFiberDistance(km)SEL Fiber-Optic Cable
SEL-2800V-SystemMulti-mode0 to 1/2 SEL-C805
SEL-2815STMulti-mode2 to 15*SEL-C807, C808
SEL-2830STSingle-Mode16 to 80* SEL-C809
SEL-2812STMulti-mode0 to 4  SEL-C807, C808

*For distances below the minimum, use attenuators on the Transmit fiber.

Minimum Software Version

Latest Firmware Versions

There are no firmware versions available for this product.

Product Revision Firmware ID Date Available Serial Number
SEL-2516 R101 SEL-2516-R101-V0-Z000000-D20060915 9/15/06 2006258001

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Minimum Software Version

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