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DPAC Discrete Programmable Automation Controller

The SEL-2440 DPAC is a 48-point discrete programmable automation controller ideal for utility and industrial applications that need rugged and reliable I/O at an economical price. The DPAC is fast and powerful, an excellent communicator, and easy to maintain and support, and it meets stringent protective relay standards. Available mounting options to meet your application needs include rack, panel, surface, and DIN mounts. All of this is backed up by SEL’s no-questions-asked, worldwide, ten-year product warranty.

Starting At

$1,000 USD

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Substation Automation—Take advantage of fast I/O, programmable logic, flexible communications, and SCADA integration.

I/O Annunciation—Indicate I/O status for each input and output. Simplify commissioning and troubleshooting with device status and port activity indicators.

Sequential Events Recorder—Store and analyze input state changes with microsecond accuracy. Combine SER data from multiple DPACs to create a system-wide log.

System Control—Perform high-speed control and data acquisition; protect and monitor motors; and replace remote terminal units (RTUs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other controllers.

Bay Control—Integrate bay control for breaker and disconnect switches with full automation, protection, and self-checking functions.

System Automation—Communicate with DNP3, Modbus, LAN/WAN, IEC 61850, and other protocols over Ethernet and serial connections.

Protection Logic Processing—Connect up to 32 inputs and 16 outputs. Program each input with any desired element. Assign the output to trip logic, transfer trip communications, or other control scheme logic.

$960 for 48 Points—$20 Per Point!
SEL innovation and efficient manufacturing processes allow the company to design and manufacture while keeping costs low and passing the savings to SEL’s customers.

Rugged and Reliable
Designed, tested, and manufactured to surpass electrical utility protective relay standards, the SEL-2440 DPAC can handle tough environments. It will operate in extreme temperature ranges of –40° to +85°C, withstand electrostatic discharge up to 15 kV, and handle 15 g shock.

Fast and Powerful
Get the speed you need with inputs timed to the microsecond and outputs controlled to the millisecond. The 2 ms processing interval keeps the time from input to output at only 7 ms. Internal math and logic allow you to create automation and control systems.

Great Communicator
Applications require different protocols. The SEL-2440 DPAC includes DNP3, Modbus, Mirrored Bits communications, and SEL Fast Messages; IEC 61850 is optional. Easily connect using the two EIA-232 ports as well as the two RJ-45 Ethernet ports with an integrated switch.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain
Connect it, set it—Job Done! Pre-programmed register maps, and protocol and address setup via control (DIP) switches make commissioning easy. Connectorized with removable terminal blocks, the SEL-2440 DPAC can be removed from service without lifting a single I/O wire. The positive retention screws keep the connectors from pulling off accidentally. Quickly and easily see the device’s current operating status with LEDs for system status on every I/O point.

  • Dual 100BASE-FX fiber-optic Ethernet.
  • EIA-232 fiber-optic serial port.
  • IEC 61850 communications.
  • Conformal Coating: Protect equipment from harsh environments and airborne contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, salt, and moisture.

Mounting Options

  • Rack
  • Panel
  • Surface
  • DIN Rail


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Minimum QuickSet Version

Product Revision Z Number Minimum Software Version
SEL-2440 R214-V2 007

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