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Wildfire Mitigation: Detecting and Isolating Falling Conductors in Midair Using 900 MHz Private LTE at Protection Speeds

The falling conductor protection (FCP) application developed by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) depends upon reliable, low-latency broadband communications to de-energize broken distribution power line as they fall, eliminating the risk of wildfire caused by arcing of live wires on the ground. This paper describes the test bed operation of the FCP application enabled by a private Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network usin Anterix’s 900 MHz band spectrum. It reports that, in a range of network congestion and signal strength scenarios, the 900 MHz private LTE network successfully supports the FCP application to de-energize the affecte circuit section within one second. This is less than the time it takes for a broken conductor to fall to the ground, typically a distance of 25 feet.


  • Jim Li, Anterix, Inc.
  • Henry Loehner
  • Tanushri Doshi
Date Code: 20230512