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WAN and LAN Network Features

FeaturesSEL ICONSEL-3620SEL-3622SEL-3610SEL-2725SEL-2730MSEL-2740SSEL-2741SEL-2890
SONET WAN                
Ethernet LAN
Precise Time Distribution      
Engineering Access Control            
Connect Multiple Wired-Ethernet Devices to Network      
Convert Wired 10/100BASE-T Ethernet to Fiber-Optic 100BASE-FX Ethernet  
Convert Serial Links to Ethernet Links          
Cryptography (Encryption and Authentication)          
User-Based Accounts   99  
Centralized Authentication Via LDAP 8   99  
Centralized Authentication Via RADIUS          
Deny-by-Default Firewall              
Import/Export Configuration Files     99  
Virtual Private Network (VPN)              
Syslog Logging    
Network Management System Software          
GPS Receiver                
Real-Time Latency Monitor                
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)     1      
Virtual Local-Area Networks (VLANs)    
Ethernet Class of Service (CoS)          
Ethernet Ports, ConnectorQuantities
Copper 10BASE, RJ45 0–162 3 3 3 3 or 4 0–163 0–20    
Copper 100BASE, RJ45 0–162 3 3 3 3 or 4 0–163 0–20 0–24  
Fiber-Optic 100BASE, LC 4 2 2 2 1 or 2 0–163 0–20    
Copper 1000BASE, LC 4         4 0–4 0–24  
Fiber-Optic 1000BASE, LC 26/47         0–44 0–4    
SFP Cages 2–65         44   0–24  

1 SEL-2730M supports STP plus IEEE 802.1D-2004 Rapid Spanning Tree protocol (RSTP).

2 SEL-ICON has the option to support up to 16 Ethernet ports using 8-port Ethernet Access Modules.

3 SEL-2730M base configuration supports up to 16 Ethernet ports, with the option to substitute 100BASE-FX fiber optic ports in groups of four.

4 SEL-2730M base configuration includes 4 copper GigE ports and 4 SFP cages for optional fiber-optic GigE ports.

5 SEL-ICON uses FTP cages for SONET and GigE fiber-optic interfaces.

6 SEL-8021-1 Line Module supports 2 fiber-optic Gigabit interfaces.

7 SEL-8036-1 Ethernet Bridging Access Module supports 4 fiber-optic 100BASE-FX/Gigabit interfaces.

8 SEL-5052 server based network management software (NMS) will provide LDAP centralized authentication for ICON.

9 SEL-5056 software provides centralized authentication, user-based accounts, and import/export configuration files.


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