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Phase Comparison Faulted Circuit Indicator

Quickly identify faults in transmission cable splices and communicate to line crews using the RadioRANGER. 

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Transmission Sensor—Detect solid dielectric cable failures in underground transmission cables from 69 to 230 kV in concrete-encased duct banks.

Troubleshooting—Determine if the fault is located in the underground cable to know if you can safely reclose on the circuit.

Splicing Applications—Monitor underground splices using a short-haul multimode (MM) fiber up to 250 meters. Monitor cable sections between vaults or underground-to-overhead transitions using long-haul MM fiber.

Harsh Environment Applications—Install the SEL-8315 in harsh environments. It is submersible in up to 15 feet of water and can operate in extreme temperatures.

Safety—Reduce arc-flash risks to line crews by eliminating the need to open high-voltage enclosures or enter subsurface vaults during fault-finding patrols.

Fast Fault Location—Integrate with new or existing RadioRANGER Wireless Fault Indication Systems and quickly locate faults. There is no need to open, enter, pump, or drain multiple vaults or utility access covers to determine fault status. Troubleshooters use the information displayed on the remote fault reader to find the faulted cable section, in many cases without leaving the truck.



Locates Faulted Cable Sections Quickly
Locate cable failures within and between cable vaults using easy-to-install SEL-8315 Phase Comparison Faulted Circuit Indicators (PC FCIs).

Operates in Harsh Environments
The PC FCIs are submersible to depths as great as 15 feet of water and can operate in extreme temperatures.

Communicates Using Own Power
No external power source required.

Works With Existing RadioRANGER Installations
The PC FCIs plug into the SEL-8300 and report to the interface any out-of-phase condition. You can then use the SEL-8310 Remote Fault Reader to remotely read the status of the fault indicator.

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