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High-Accuracy IRIG-B Fiber-Optic Transceiver

Send delay-compensated demodulated IRIG-B up to 4 km over fiber-optic cable with SEL-3405 High-Accuracy IRIG-B Fiber-Optic Transceivers.

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IRIG-B Over Fiber-Optic Cabling—Convert demodulated IRIG-B from a clock′s DB-9 or BNC port (using adapter cable) into fiber using the SEL-3405T. The SEL-3405R accepts IRIG-B via its fiber ports and outputs it to a DB-9 or BNC port (using adapter cable).

IRIG-B From a Remote Clock—Bring time from a remote satellite clock into the control house. This is especially useful in locations where installing an antenna is not feasible because a clear view of the sky is not available. Place your antenna and clock where it can get a good satellite signal, and send <200 ns accurate demodulated IRIG-B to where it is needed using the SEL-3405.

IRIG-B to the Substation Yard—Send high-accuracy, demodulated IRIG-B to devices in the substation yard for synchrophasors, IEC 61850-9-2 sampled values, or other high-accuracy timing applications. Configure up to three SEL-3405R Receivers in a ring to send < 1 µs IRIG-B to multiple devices.

Adapter Cables

The SEL-3405 is compatible with any SEL clock. Use the SEL-C940 DB-9 to Dual BNC Male Cable to connect the device to an SEL-3400 IRIG-B Distribution Module. Use one BNC connection to provide time to the SEL-3400 and the other to power the SEL-3405. Use the SEL-C942 DB-9 to BNC Male to Tinned Wires Cable to power the device using an SEL-9321 Power Supply. Use the BNC connection to input time to the end device or to receive time from a clock, and use the tinned wires for power.


High-accuracy, no settings

  • Install the SEL-3405, and with no settings, the device will compensate for propagation delay in the fiber.
  • Introduce less than 200 ns of inaccuracy, over distances as far as 4 km away.

Electrical Isolation for IRIG-B Signals

  • Using the SEL-3405 to distribute IRIG-B time signals increases reliability because fiber-optic cables are far less susceptible to EMI/RFI than copper links, and provide improved isolation from ground potential rise and other electrical hazards.

Hardened for Substation Environments

  • Trust in the same design and type-testing applied to critical protective relays.
  • Employ in environments with a temperature range of –40° to +85°C (–40° to +85°F).
  • Employ with confidence in extra-high-voltage (EHV) environments.