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Synchrophasor Vector Processor

Combine the power of synchrophasor message processing with flexible programmable logic for wide-area protection and control applications. The Synchrophasor Vector Processor (SVP), the first real-time synchrophasor programmable logic controller, collects synchrophasor messages from relays and phasor measurement units (PMUs). The SVP time-aligns incoming messages, processes them with an internal logic engine, and sends control commands to external devices to perform user-defined actions. Additionally, the SVP can send calculated or derived data to devices such as other SVPs, phasor data concentrators (PDCs), and monitoring systems.

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12,500 USD

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Detect Instability With Preconfigured Modal Analysis Function Block—Close a contact based on critical stability indicators, such as oscillatory frequency and damping ratio, to assess power system health. Analyze up to 15 different modes from up to six different input voltages, currents, or real/reactive power. Detect unstable operating conditions, or check model predictions. Base alarms on mode amplitude, frequency, damping constant, and ratio for direct alarm or in combination with other conditions.

Measure the State of Your Power System—Send combined and conditioned measurements from an entire station to the energy management system (EMS). Isolate bad data, and alert operators of input failures.

  • Identify oscillatory conditions with preconfigured modal analysis.
  • Measure system phase angles, voltages, currents, and real/reactive power.
  • Improve system efficiency by minimizing loop flow, optimizing voltages, and balancing loads.
  • Control circuit breakers, static VAR controls (SVCs), generators, and other devices with wide-area-based algorithms.