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Time Accuracy
±40 ns average, ±100 ns peak for demodulated IRIG-B and 1 PPS (from BNC ports)
±1 μs modulated IRIG-B (peak) to UTC
<100 μs NTP time-stamp accuracy (typical) to UTC
±100 ns PTP time-stamp accuracy (peak) to UTC
Time Sources
GLONASS for verification
Holdover Accuracy
Holdover, temperature
TCXO, 36 μs per day, constant temperature
TCXO, 315 μs per day, ±1°C
OCXO, 5 μs per day, constant temperature
OCXO, 5 μs per day, varied temperature
Ports1 front RJ45 Ethernet management port
8 rear BNC ports
4 standard 100BASE-T rear Ethernet ports (can be 100BASE-FX or 100BASE-LX10, configured in pairs)
1 rear DB-9 port
1 rear IRIG-B input (supported in future firmware revision)
Output Protocols
Up to 9 demodulated IRIG-B (B002, B004)
Up to 4 modulated IRIG-B (B122, B124)
Up to 9 PPS or kPPS
NTPv4 server, broadcast, and multicast formats
With the PTP option, the PTP grandmaster clock (IEEE 1588-2008) supports the following profiles:
  • Default UDP (Annexes D and J)
  • Default IEEE 802.3 (Annexes F and J)
  • IEEE C37.238-2011 Power System
  • IEEE C37.238-2017 Power System
  • IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3:2016 Power Utility Automation
Output Contact
Alarm contact, Form C
Timer contact, Form A, 1 μs accuracy
DisplayLED status indications
LCD screen with backlight
Power Supply
24–48 Vdc
125–250 Vdc or Vac
AntennaSEL-9524B GPS/GLONASS GNSS Antenna required for satellite signal verification
Operating Conditions–40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F)