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Carl Monroe

Munro Advisors

Carl Monroe is a principle at Munro Advisors. Previously, he was the executive vice president and chief operating officer of Southwest Power Pool (SPP), where he was responsible for 24/7 operations in four areas: reliability coordination of the transmission system in the SPP footprint, minute-by-minute provision of transmission service, scheduling of transmission service, and operation of a real-time energy market. Mr. Monroe was also responsible for planning and engineering for transmission, including long-term and short-term transmission service. Additionally, Mr. Monroe was responsible for information technology and market development and design.

Prior to joining SPP in 1997, Mr. Monroe served with Entergy of New Orleans in various positions, including manager of forecasting and manager of EMS advanced applications. Prior to joining Entergy, Mr. Monroe worked as an engineer in the system operations department at Union Electric Company.