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    The Beginnings of Great Ideas

    Great ideas are the result of creativity, collaboration, and looking at a problem from an entirely new perspective. They are not limited by the boundaries of industry, and they are what move us to action, progress, and innovation. That’s why SEL created the Modern Solutions Power Systems Conference (MSPSC).

    Whether you work in transmission, distribution, generation, planning, or regulation, your work both affects and depends on others—it’s crucial to have open communication between industries to generate and share ideas.

    MSPSC is the conference that pushes you to think broader, think forward, and think differently about today’s critical issues affecting modern power systems. That’s what sets it apart.

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    The real value of MSPSC is that it challenges us to think about what’s out there on the horizon. We are a mature industry, used to doing things a certain way. But if we want to thrive in the future, we need the courage to innovate, experiment, take risks, ask tough questions. Modern Solutions provides the atmosphere to do just that.”

    —2016 Keynote Speaker, Scott Morris, Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Avista Corporation

    The Strength of First Principles

    What makes electric power systems work? How is it that we’ve come this far as an industry? First Principles. All great ideas, the ones that prove through time to be durable and sound, are grounded in these fundamentals. And if we want a future of stability and innovation, then our understanding of power systems and the way they work must be based on First Principles.

    That’s why First Principles is the focus of the 2017 Modern Solutions Conference.

    We are structuring our speakers and discussions around the technical, economic, commercial, environmental, and political realities of our industry today. In the past, MSPSC focused on different concepts, including Industry Roots and Legacy, Creativity and Innovation, Simplicity, Performance, and Dependability. With First Principles, we will continue to draw in speakers from outside our industry to help broaden our perspectives. This is the way forward.


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