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Recorded Webinar

Collect and Visualize Metering Data with Next-Generation Software

Date held: Wednesday, November 29, 2023

SEL meters capture important power system data, such as voltage, current, energy, harmonics, and peak demand. In this webinar, we share software tools that transform data from meters into actionable insights, including:

The Data Management and Automation (DMA) application suite on SEL Blueframe

We recently introduced metering data collection to DMA. We will discuss how the DMA Meter Monitoring package automates metering data collection, offers centralized storage, and delivers a simple setup process.

With the ability to automatically rotate passwords and collect disturbance data, device settings, and metering data, DMA is an ideal replacement for our previous automated data collection solution, SEL-5045 acSELerator Team software.

Synchrowave Reports

Synchrowave Reports software displays metering data and automatically generates trend and power quality compliance reports. Synchrowave Reports is compatible with both DMA and acSELerator Team and is the ideal replacement for its predecessor, SEL-5630 acSELerator Meter Reports.

Key features include report scheduling and interactive charts displaying voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics, and more. Users choose between two options for Synchrowave Reports: the Meter Data option, which includes report templates to support meter data analysis, or the Power Quality option, which includes all meter data reports and IEEE 519 compliance reports.

You will learn more about these features in the webinar, along with how to:

  • Install Synchrowave Reports.
  • Connect to a DMA or acSELerator Team database.
  • Configure and navigate charts.
  • Interpret charts.
  • Schedule reports.
  • Set up a network folder to archive reports.

We also discuss migration paths for existing acSELerator Meter Reports users and how to simplify system ordering with bundle options.

Ross Rippee

Ross Rippee

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.