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Mission-Critical Facilities

Fault-tolerant power solutions that you can depend on

Mission Critical

Reliable power is critical to nearly every business operation. Major organizations worldwide trust SEL to provide mission-critical power protection, communications, and management systems to ensure an uninterrupted supply of high-quality electric power. SEL’s comprehensive power management systems optimize power delivery and quickly reroute energy around faults to minimize production interruptions and save money.

SEL solutions are found in virtually every major domestic data center across Internet, enterprise, colocation, and wholesale data center segments.

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Request a Follow-Up

“I use SEL not just because of their industry-leading products and technical support,...but because SEL and its people are committed to doing the job right and making the user (me) happy with the end product.”
-Tim Burttram, Plant Electrical Engineer & Senior Project Manager at Cascade Steel Rolling Mills

“Reliability is a big issue due to the exposure a public utility has, and our local utility decided to swap out their other relays and go exclusively with the SEL-351 Relays. My recommendation (to choose SEL) wasn’t even challenged.”
-Charlie Adams, Senior Engineer at Marathon Oil

”SEL's field technical support has been very valuable to me. During our upgrade project, I got fast and reliable technical answers. And that’s simply how good SEL support is. I know we can count on SEL for that level of support every time.”
Don Elliott, Senior Engineer/Power Manger at Resolute Forest Products


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