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Underground Timed-Reset Fault Indicator

The SEL-TR is a timed-reset faulted circuit indicator (FCI) that provides indication for both momentary and permanent faults. It automatically resets at the end of a fixed-reset period, allowing time for crews to locate faults. You can apply the SEL-TR in underground distribution systems with low load and low voltage, and it is ideal for locations where false reset from backfeed is a concern.

The SEL-TR is available with a clamp-on timed-reset sensor or a test point timed-reset sensor for single- and three-phase applications. You can choose from a variety of remote display options that eliminate the need to access an enclosure cabinet or subsurface vault to determine the indicator’s status.

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Fault Troubleshooting—Apply the SEL-TR on distribution circuits to troubleshoot momentary and permanent faults. The SEL-TR provides identical indication for both momentary and permanent faults. The SEL-TR will hold the tripped status indication for a set time, regardless of the presence of current or voltage on the distribution circuit. SEL-TRs continue to lead crews to the fault location even after power is restored.  

Timed-Reset Intervals—A factory-set 2-, 4-, or 8-hour timed-reset interval will automatically reset the SEL-TR. You can also manually reset the units using the CRSRTT magnet tool. 

Industrial Backfeed—Circuits feeding large industrial equipment and rotating machinery can contribute energy into a fault past the FCI’s location within the fault path. Sometimes this energy is sufficient to reset a current or voltage reset-type FCI, misleading crews searching for a fault. You can use the SEL-TR in applications with backfeed to ensure FCIs in the fault path continue to display their fault indication for the timed-reset period, regardless of the duration or magnitude of the backfeed condition.


Remote displays eliminate the need for line crews to open high-voltage enclosures or enter subsurface vaults during fault-finding patrols. The SEL-TR is compatible with a variety of remote display options:

  • BEACON Bolt “B” display
  • Standard “V” display
  • Large “L” display
  • SEL-8310 RadioRANGER Remote Fault Reader “M”
_FIS Displays

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.