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Timed Reset

  • Automatic reset at the end of a fixed reset period allows time for crews to locate permanent and momentary faults.
  • Ideal in locations where false reset from backfeed is a concern.
  • Several remote display options eliminate the need to open an enclosure cabinet to determine the indicator's status.
  • Available with test point timed reset (TTR) or clamp-on timed reset (TR) sensors for single- and three-phase applications.
  • Auxiliary contact option for SCADA compatibility.

Accessories and Tools for Fault Indicators and Sensors

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Systems With Low Load and Low Voltage—Apply TR Fault Indicators to systems that do not provide sufficient voltage or current to reset and arm a fault indicator.

Fault Troubleshooting—Apply to circuits to troubleshoot momentary and permanent faults. The TR provides identical indication for both momentary and permanent faults. Depending on the length of a circuit outage in comparison to the timed-reset period, TR Fault Indicators can hold their indication during an outage so troubleshooters have ample time to locate the faulted circuit section. The TR does not reset on current or voltage. Fault indication will be held for the timed-reset period after a momentary or permanent fault and will continue to provide indication after the system is re-energized until the expiration of the timed-reset period.

Industrial Backfeed—Apply the TR for applications with backfeed to ensure faulted circuit indicators in the fault path continue to display their fault indication for the timed-reset period regardless of the duration of the backfeed condition. Circuits feeding large industrial equipment and rotating machinery can contribute energy back along a circuit into a fault. Sometimes this energy is sufficient to reset a current or voltage reset-type faulted circuit indicator.

  • Tamperproof bolt display
  • BEACON bolt display
  • Standard “V” display
  • Large “L” display
  • RadioRANGER remote fault reader display
Nominal Trip Ratings50 to 1200 A
Trip Tolerance±10%
Maximum Fault Current25 kA
Trip Response Time1 ms
Housing MaterialUV-Stabilized Polycarbonate Resin (TR) and/or Conductive EPDM Rubber (TTR)
Clamp MaterialStainless Steel Clamp With a UV-Stabilized Rubber Sleeve (TR)
Battery3.6 V Lithium Battery With a 20-Year Shelf Life
Outer Diameter Clamping Range0.50" to 1.6" (Please Specify Clamping Diameter or Range When Ordering [TR].)