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Power Supplies

Wall-Mount Power Supplies

SEL sells wall-mount ac power supplies as accessories for communications and networking equipment. These ac power supplies are commercial-temperature-rated and appropriate for testing and office environments.

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Part NumberInput VoltageOutputPrice
409-0011100 to 254 Vac5 Vdc at 3 W; USB micro-B plug$15
230-0600100 to 120 Vac5 Vdc at 2 A; 2.5 mm barrel plug$25
230-0601100 to 240 Vac5 Vdc at 1.2 A; 0.7 mm barrel plug$25
230-060490 to 264 Vac15 Vdc at 2 A; stripped wires$25
240-1651International plug adapter for 230-0604 for UK, EU (Shuko), and Australia$15

SEL purchases these wall-mount ac power supplies from others and resells them with the manufacturer’s original warranty.