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Linear Power Supply

Provide auxiliary dc power to your protective relays in the classroom or lab. The SEL-LPS Linear Power Supply is backed by our 10-year worldwide warranty.

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370 USD

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The SEL-LPS is a general-purpose dc supply with two 24 Vdc and two 125 Vdc unregulated sources that can be combined to produce 24, 48, 125, or 250 Vdc at 50 VA. Low-voltage outputs supply +5 Vdc (500 mA), +15 Vdc (250 mA), and –15 Vdc (250 mA) of regulated power.

  • Compact desk/benchtop power supply for protective relay auxiliary power.
  • Four relay auxiliary power outputs.
    • Two 24 Vdc: connect in series for 48 Vdc.
    • Two 125 Vdc: connect in series for 250 Vdc.
    • Linear design provides "stiff" low-impedance outputs to start and serve high-surge loads.
  • Three regulated electronic-level outputs: +5 and ± 15 Vdc.
  • Safe solution to powering relays in laboratories, classrooms, and offices.



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