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Voltage Indicator

The SEL-VIN is typically installed in transformers, switchgear, and other underground distribution enclosures. It installs easily on the test point of a 200 A elbow or a 600 A T-body. The SEL-VIN is line-powered and indicates the presence of voltage at or above 2 kV phase to ground by flashing a brilliant neon lamp. The initial flash occurs 30 seconds after installation, and the flash rate is proportional to the voltage present—the higher the voltage level, the faster the flash rate.

The SEL-VIN’s circuitry is epoxy-encapsulated and housed within an EPDM rubber boot, making the indicator suitable for application in underground environments. The SEL-VIN is a quick and economical way to add voltage detection to underground systems.

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The SEL-VIN indicates the presence of system voltage to ensure safety.

A flashing neon bulb indicates that voltage is present. A faster flash rate indicates higher voltage.

You can install the SEL-VIN in pad-mounted transformers, switchgear, and other underground distribution enclosures with basic insulating plugs or capacitive test points.

The SEL-VIN is applicable on most brands of test point elbows. Both 200 A and 600 A models are available.

The compact, lightweight, and durable design makes the SEL-VIN easy to install.

A three-phase version is also available. Please consult SEL.


The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.