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GeneralSEL-TPRSEL-TPR for BIP Applications
Power SourceTest point voltageBIP voltage
Nominal Trip Ratings60 to 1,200 A1,200 A and 1,500 A
Trip Tolerance±10%
Elbow Voltage Class15 kV and 25 kV35 kV35 kV
Reset Voltage (L-N)≥6 kV≥7 kVN/A
ResetAutomatic at minimum voltageAutomatic on restoration of primary voltage
Reset Time3 minutes typical, dependent on system voltage
Maximum Fault Current25 kA
Trip Response Time1 ms (optional 24 ms with delayed trip)24 ms delayed trip
Inrush Restraint Response Time300 ms
Elbow Style200 A- or 600 A-class with test point600 A-class T-body with BIP
Housing MaterialConductive EPDM rubber
Clamping RangeN/A0.75" to 2.10" or 1.8" to 2.5"