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Ground Fault Detector

  • Detects ground faults by sensing the vector sum of the current flowing through a three-conductor cable.
  • Choice of three reset options (secondary voltage, load current, or time) to meet various application needs.
  • Split-core sensor installs on three-phase cables without opening the primary.
  • Large reflective red target display is easy to see both at night and during the day.
  • Submersible, vinyl-coated sensing core.
  • Stainless steel hardware and UV-stabilized materials ensure long product life.
  • Thousands of SEL GFDs in service today help customers around the world quickly locate ground faults.

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$204 USD

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Industrial Sites—Apply GFD Ground Fault Detectors over a three-phase cable bundle at ground potential in live-front switchgear to identify faults on circuits feeding mining equipment, medical facilities, and other industrial equipment. The vinyl-coated sensor core and potted circuit components provide an excellent seal against moisture and humidity in challenging industrial environments. The split-core sensor installs on three-phase cables without the need to open the primary or interrupt vital industrial operations.

Underground Cable at Substations—Apply the GFD to an underground cable distribution circuit feeder before the feeder leaves the substation to identify ground faults in the underground section of the circuit.

Low Load Current—Choose a secondary reset option to power and reset the GFD from secondary voltage (120–240 VacL-N) at a transformer. The GFD reset and powering options provide a wide range of compatibility across various applications, especially where feeders are lightly loaded or there is no load present.

Power SourceSecondary Voltage (120 to 240 VacL-N at 50 to 60 Hz), Load Current (≥3 A), or Lithium Battery for Timed Reset Products
Reset Time (Timed Reset Models Only)4, 8, or 24 Hours
Nominal Trip Ratings20, 40, 50, or 100 A
Trip Tolerance±10 Percent
Maximum Fault Current25 kA
Trip Response Time1 ms
Outer Diameter Clamping Range4" (6" Optional)
Housing MaterialsUV-Stabilized Polycarbonate Resin)
SubmersibilityUp to 15 Feet


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