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Overhead BEACON Timed-Reset Fault Indicator

As a timed-reset faulted-circuit indicator (FCI), the SEL-BTRI holds the tripped status indication for a set time, regardless of the presence of current or voltage on the distribution circuit. This makes it useful for locating momentary faults at overhead taps, near underground transitions, at overhead midfeeder disconnects, and near unfused taps or riser poles. The SEL-BTRI will not reset due to backfeed on distribution lines.

Specify the desired nominal trip ratings and the LED flash-clearing time that best coordinates with your line crew response time. You can manually test, activate, or clear a flashing LED using the CRSRTT tool (sold separately). A nonreplaceable battery version that requires no maintenance is available. With its super-bright LED display and simple hot stick installation, the SEL-BTRI is a smart, economical choice for systems that struggle with momentary faults.

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Momentary Fault Troubleshooting—The timed-reset feature makes the SEL-BTRI ideal for troubleshooting momentary faults.

Recloser Coordination—The inrush restraint feature prevents false tripping during recloser operations by not responding to temporary current surges caused by transformer re-energization inrush (circuit re-energization), making it ideal for use with automatic reclosing schemes.

Timed-Reset Intervals—A factory-set 2-, 4-, or 8-hour timed-reset interval will automatically reset the SEL-BTRI. You can also manually reset the units using the CRSRTT magnet tool.

Industrial Backfeed—Circuits feeding large industrial equipment and rotating machinery can contribute energy into a fault past the FCI’s location within the fault path. Sometimes this energy is sufficient to reset a current or voltage reset-type FCI, misleading crews searching for a fault. You can use the SEL-BTRI in applications with backfeed to ensure FCIs in the fault path continue to display their fault indication for the timed-reset period, regardless of the duration or magnitude of the backfeed condition.


The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.