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Satellite-Synchronized Clock Display Kit

Just plug-in and go. This kit comes with a satellite-synchronized clock, a large digital clock display, and all accessories to work right out of the box with a quick-start instruction sheet. The clock supplies accurate time to synchronize up to 15 display clocks. The clock display has high-visibility LED digits that may be read up to 200 feet away. The clock and display are designed to work in harsh environments with a wide operating temperature, making them suitable for industrial applications.

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Readable Time Display—See the time from 200 feet away, even in direct sunlight, with bright, easy-to-read 3-inch-tall LEDs.

Reliable Operation Anywhere—Install this kit wherever accurate time is needed. The SEL-9929 Kit is ideal for control rooms, military bases, substations, power plants, factories, and other industrial facilities.

Extended Industrial-Grade Specifications—Support operation in harsh industrial environments, such as cold rooms, industrial plant hot spots, and areas with high electric fields. The SEL-9929 offers extended industrial-grade specifications, including an operating temperature range of –40° to +80°C.

Easy Implementation—Never set your clock. By synchronizing to a GPS time source, the SEL-9929 always has the correct time, even after power outages or DST adjustments.


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      Trust in a high-performance antenna.

      The SEL-9524A GPS GNSS Antenna was purpose-built to work with SEL clocks and is a rugged solution for harsh environments.

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      Install it and forget it

      The rugged high-reliability design ensures durable and dependable operation.

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      See time from 200 feet away

      Even in direct sunlight, the bright, easy-to-read 3-inch-tall digits are easy to read.

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      Never set your clock

      By synchronizing to satellite GPS time sources, the SEL-3401 Digital Clock Display always has the correct time, even after power outages.

    5. 5

      Install in almost any environment

      The SEL-3401 and SEL-2401 have a –40° to +80°C operating temperature range.

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      Know the correct time

      The SEL-2401 Satellite-Synchronized Clock is always accurate with automatic daylight-saving adjustments.



SEL-3401 Digital Clock Display

  • High-visibility, 3-inch red, green, or amber digits for wide-area viewing
  • Simple surface- or rack-mount options
  • IRIG-B input for high accuracy
  • 100–240 Vac/15 Vdc power supply (included)
  • Order 9929 for red, 9929G for green, or 9929A for amber digits

Mount the SEL-3401 Digital Clock Display in:

  • Control rooms for accurate event logging
  • Factory floors for rugged time display

SEL-2401 Satellite-Synchronized Clock

  • High accuracy: ±100 ns
  • Extended temperature: –40° to +80°C
  • IRIG-B000 extended time code: IEEE C37.118-2005 extensions of year, leap second, and daylight-saving time

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.