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15 VDC Power Supply

The SEL-9322 15 Vdc Power Supply is an ac-to-dc or dc-to-dc converter designed for harsh physical and electrical environments, including those found in electric utility substations. The SEL-9322 provides a nominal 15 Vdc at up to 1 A to power communications or instrumentation devices. The low-voltage output can be derived from higher-voltage dc battery sources or from higher-voltage ac sources. The range of options covers electric, gas, and water utility; telecommunications; industrial plant; and remote telemetry battery-backup applications.

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SEL Radio Power Supply—Power the SEL-3031 Serial Radio Transceiver and the SEL-3060 Ethernet Radio to support electric utility distribution automation, distributed generation, SCADA, and faster protection applications.

SEL-3505 Power Supply—Power SEL-3505 Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTACs) to support remote-site automation.

SEL-3622 Power Supply—Power the SEL-3622 Security Gateway to secure equipment at remote sites.

Industrial Equipment Power Supply—Provide power to equipment in unconditioned industrial locations. The SEL-9322 performs in harsh environments and meets SEL’s strict quality standards.


    1. 1

      +/Hot Power Input

    2. 2

      –/Neutral Power Input

    3. 3


    4. 4

      +15 Vdc Output

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      Output Common



  • Provides +15 Vdc for communications devices and accessories, from a station battery or ac source.
  • Reliable, robust, and backed by the SEL worldwide, ten-year product warranty. Meets IEEE and IEC standards for surge withstand, fast transient, and RFI immunity requirements in electric power substations.
  • Available in two voltage input options:
    • 48/125 Vdc or 125 Vac
    • 125/250 Vdc or Vac
  • Easily mounts to any flat surface or DIN rail with the included mounting hardware.
  • Suitable for unconditioned spaces and cabinets in utility substation or remote telecommunications applications.

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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