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Underground Distribution Sensor

SEL recommends selecting the RadioRANGER Underground Wireless Fault Indication System in place of the SEL-8301.

Replacement product: RadioRANGER Underground Wireless Fault Indication System

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Improve Underground Reliability—Reduce fault location time with the SEL-8301. Fault information and load data are sent via a wireless RPMA network to the central operations center for dispatching repair crew personnel. With accurate fault location, crews can focus on restoring power instead of patrolling lines.

Improve Operational Efficiency—Automatically measure and report the water level in a subsurface vault or manhole with the water depth sensor. The sensor enables the utility to accurately dispatch the right number of pump trucks to the vault. This ensures the vault is ready to enter upon repair crew arrival, reducing the time a repair crew is onsite.

Enhance Operator Decision Making—Sectionalize around the faulted cable section on feeders connected to medium-voltage pad-mounted switchgear and junction boxes. Take advantage of the accurate SEL-8301, which collects reliable load data by monitoring critical points on the distribution system to prevent cable overloading. This information helps operators make switching and sectionalizing decisions during emergency conditions.

Accurate Fault Determination—Determine the fault type and prioritize repair efforts to improve system reliability. The SEL-8301 automatically adapts its trip threshold based on the measured load current to ensure good coordination. It monitors for system protection operations to distinguish between fault types, circuit outages, and normal system conditions.

Reliability in Harsh Subsurface Environments—The SEL-8301, SEL-8302 Current Transformer, and various accessories exceed the demanding requirements of underground applications and are suitable for harsh subsurface vault applications susceptible to flooding. With IP68 ingress protection, the SEL-8301 reliably operates in water up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) deep.

Remote Monitoring—Eliminate the challenges of locating and troubleshooting for faults in hard-to-reach subsurface applications, such as manholes and vaults. Monitor electric distribution circuits in high-rise buildings and large factory facilities. Utility personnel no longer need to enter a vault or structure to locate the fault. All sensor statuses can be viewed remotely from a centralized display.


    1. 1

      Submersible housing

    2. 2

      Accessory port for water depth sensor

    3. 3

      Two antenna ports

    4. 4

      Status LEDs provide simple indication of network connectivity, system status, and accessory status

    5. 5

      Pushbuttons for device activation and system status

    6. 6

      Easy-lock connection for as many as 12 SEL-8302 Current Transformers

    7. 7

      Tabs for magnetic or screw-mount applications

    8. 8

      Power-harvesting capabilities from connected SEL-8302 Current Transformers



The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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