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SEL-787 Family Comparison

Model FeaturesSEL-787-2XSEL-787-21SEL-787-2ESEL-787-3ESEL-787-3SSEL-787-4X
Windings Protected2
CT/PT Inputs
Phase Voltage Inputs0 03330
Differential Current Inputs6669912
Neutral Current0 11100
VS/VBAT Channel000010
Differential and Restricted Earth Fault (REF) Elements
Differential Protection Windings (Standard)222334
REF Elements (Standard)011100
Differential Protection Windings (Winding 3 Configured for REF)   223
REF Elements (Winding 3 Configured for REF)   222
Protection Elements
25Synchronism Check     
27IInverse-Time Undervoltage (Phase, Phase-to-Phase, Sequential, Vsync)   
27PUndervoltage (Phase) With Inverse Characteristic   
27PPPhase-to-Phase Undervoltage   
27SVS Channel Undervoltage     
32Directional Power   
49RTDResistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)   
50NNeutral Overcurrent   
50 (P,G,Q)Overcurrent (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
51 (P,G,Q)Time Overcurrent (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
51NNeutral Time Overcurrent   
51PCCombined Winding Phase Time Overcurrent   
51GCCombined Winding Ground Time Overcurrent   
59 (P,G,Q)Overvoltage (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.)   
59Overvoltage (Synchronism or Battery Voltage)     
59IInverse-Time Overvoltage (Phase, Phase-to-Phase, Sequential, Vsync)   
59SVS Channel Overvoltage     
59QNegative-Sequence Overvoltage   
81 (O,U)Over-/Underfrequency   
87Phase Differential



Model FeaturesSEL-787-2XSEL-787-21SEL-787-2ESEL-787-3ESEL-787-3SSEL-787-4X
Additional Functions
85RIOSEL Mirrored Bits Communications
BFBreaker Failure
BWBreaker Wear Monitoring
DFREvent Reports
ENVSEL-2600 RTD Module Support*
LDPLoad Data Profiling
LGCSELogic Control Equations
LOPLoss of Potential   
METHigh-Accuracy Metering
RTD10 Internal or 12 External (See ENV) RTD Inputs*
REFRestricted Earth Fault 
RTURemote Terminal Unit
SERSequential Events Recorder
TFEThrough-Fault Event Monitor
PMUSynchronized Phasor Measurement

*Optional feature


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