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Client/Server Network Management System (NMS) Software

Manage SEL ICON networks with either standalone SEL-5051 Client Software or a combination of SEL-5051 Client and SEL-5052 Server Software. SEL-5051 Client Software offers discovery, configuration, alarm, event, and security management through a graphical user interface.

Using a client-server architecture, SEL-5051 Client Software connects to SEL-5052 Server Software to provide an efficient solution for managing network access for multiple users. SEL-5052 Server Software also includes centralized user authentication with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), SNMP traps, system health checks, and circuit tracing with the ability to remove circuits.

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Provision Ethernet and TDM Circuits—The Circuit Wizard tool in SEL-5051 Client Software greatly simplifies the provisioning of Ethernet and time-division multiplexing (TDM) circuits. Using this step‐by-step graphical tool, you only have to select the circuit endpoints and traffic type and the Circuit Wizard does the rest. The Circuit Wizard automatically configures the network settings to perform network provisioning.

Monitor ICON Networks Via a Graphical Display—View the status of each ICON node and associated line links. You can drill into each node to show statuses, events, and bandwidth provisioning. You can also monitor the performance of TDM and Ethernet communications using comprehensive network statistics.

Capture Event Information—The event log tool in SEL-5051 Client Software tracks user access and activity at each node. This information is stored on the Server Module and can be downloaded as required. The stored information includes valid and invalid login attempts, session statistics, login and logout times, and configuration history. You can filter and sort event logs and store event log information in a file or download it to create paper records. If a user exceeds the allowable counts for specific events, the software will generate alarms. SEL-5052 Server Software offers centralized management of event logs.

Manage Network Alarms—View, sort, filter, and archive the time-stamped alarm history for each node on the network. SNMP traps let you securely send alarms (based on severity) to third-party software to aggregate system alarms. Since major alarms also raise many minor alarms, some filtering is helpful for quicker diagnosis of network problems. SEL-5052 Server Software offers centralized management of alarms.

Perform System Health Checks—The system health check feature in SEL-5052 Server Software checks ICON networks for common configuration errors that can prevent systems from operating as desired.

Secure the Network—Improve the security of the ICON network by having your LDAP servers authenticate and authorize users on the ICON network. Once set up, the login mode allows LDAP or local authentication. The software can also automatically generate security reports for compliance with NERC CIP security logging.

Node View

The Overview Node View provides network topology, network alarm status, fiber transceiver levels, and line rate information.

Circuit Wizard

The Circuit Wizard provides automatic configuration of selected point-to-point or multiple-point circuits and provides latency information for all proposed circuits.

Remove Circuits

Remove circuits easily; a visual indication is maintained for 24 hours after deletion.

Filter history

Quickly select and filter event and alarm history based on the severity and category between specific dates.

System Findings

System Findings runs a series of tests to check for configuration errors that may prevent the network from operating as desired.

Scheduled Backups

Scheduled backups ensure there is always a valid configuration to recover any node in event of a significant failure. An optional settings report exports settings data for each node, facilitating audits of any changes made to the network.


How to Use the SEL-5051/5052 Client/Server Network Management System (NMS) Software

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How to Use the SEL-5051/5052 Client/Server Network Management System (NMS) Software

Graphical Network Representation

The SEL-5051 Client Software user interface allows you to represent each ICON network element with a node icon. It’s easy to organize and arrange the icons and distribute a common view to multiple users. You can also display the type and status of internode line links.

Event Management

SEL-5051 Client Software allows you to track user access (at each node), login attempts, and session statistics. For analyzing past events, SEL-5051 Client Software stores event logs and configuration history, which you can filter and sort.

Alarm Management

SEL-5051 Client Software records network alarms. Alarms are time-stamped and stored on the local ICON node, and the alarm log is stored on the host computer. The alarms are easy to filter, sort, and acknowledge. SEL-5052 Server Software supports SNMP traps, which lets you integrate alarms into an SNMP NMS.

Inventory Management

You can manage inventory by network, ring, or node. With SEL-5051 Client Software, you will know the total number of nodes, modules, module types, serial numbers, and firmware versions.

Configuration Management

The Circuit Wizard tool in SEL-5051 Client Software greatly simplifies the provisioning of Ethernet and TDM circuits. Using this step‐by-step graphical tool, you only have to select the circuit endpoints and traffic type while the Circuit Wizard does the rest. The circuit trace feature in SEL-5052 Server Software is a utility that collects and analyzes the settings of all managed ICON nodes to identify configured circuits on each node. Once the SEL-5052 Server Software completes the circuit trace analysis, you can view the details of the identified circuits in the SEL-5051 Client Software.

Performance Management

SEL-5051 Client Software offers complete performance monitoring for both SONET and Ethernet with comprehensive network statistics. You can monitor SONET performance by section, line, or path. Ethernet monitoring provides input, output, and error frame counters.

Cybersecurity Management

Protect critical infrastructure and help achieve NERC CIP compliance with SEL-5051 Client Software and SEL-5052 Server Software, which provide password management; session authentication and encryption; and automatic security report generation of all changes made to system settings, firmware, and hardware. Also, the ICON AES-256 Crypto Module secures SONET internodal traffic and prevents interception.


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SEL-5051 Client Software System Requirements

Processor Speed

2 GHz or faster

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 with 4 GB RAM

Disk Space

1 GB


SVGA 800 x 600 or higher resolution

Input Device

Mouse or other pointing device


Ethernet adapter

SEL-5052 Server Software System Requirements

Processor Speed

Minimum: Intel Core i3 or later
Recommended: Intel Core i5 or later

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit


Minimum: 2 GB
Recommended: 4 GB

Disk Space

Minimum: 128 GB
Recommended: 128 GB SSD

Number of ICONsProcessor Speed (GHz)Number of Processor CoresRAM (GB)Storage Space (GB)*

*Once the number of ICON events stored in the database exceeds about 4 million, older events are archived to file. Users should implement a strategy for deleting or moving these archive files to stay within storage space requirements.
**An SSD is highly recommended to improve storage access speed when managing more than 25 ICONs.