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Separable Connector Voltage Ratings 15, 25, 28, and 35 kVL-L per IEEE 386
Distribution System Voltage Range 2.5–35 kVL-L per IEEE 386
Separable Connector Types Elbow or T-body
Test Point Style Capacitive test point, basic insulating plug
Separable Connector Manufacturer Compatibility Compatible with separable connector manufacturers that comply with IEEE 386
Power Supply Rated supply voltage: 24–48 Vdc
Default Voltage Presence Threshold 5% (±1%) above the selected voltage loss threshold
Voltage Loss Threshold Settings 50%, 60%, 75%, and 85%
Operating Modes Voltage loss of any phase, voltage loss of three phases
System Frequency 40–66 Hz
Contacts (electromechanical) Form C supported
Dimensions (control box) 168.7 mm x 254.5 mm x 62.2 mm
(6.64 in x 10.02 in x 2.45 in)
Operating Temperature –40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F)