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Interface Converter

Transfer SEL Mirrored Bits communications via an IEEE C37.94 fiber-optic link through a communications multiplexer. Or, convert other EIA-232 serial links to IEEE C37.94 optical fiber links for improved safety, signal integrity, and longer distances.

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EIA-232 to Fiber-Optic Interface—Interface asynchronous EIA-232 devices with synchronous networks through IEEE C37.94 compliant multiplexers or transfer switches. The IEEE C37.94 standard provides plug-and-play transparent communications between different manufacturers' teleprotection and multiplexer devices. The SEL-2894 uses 850 nm wavelength optics.

SEL Mirrored Bits Communications—Connect the SEL-2894 to any relay with Mirrored Bits communications, and transport at data rates from 300 to 19200 bps with less than 375 µs delay, back-to-back.

Safety and Security—Install fiber-optic connections to isolate communications from ground potential rise and electrical interference.


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      EIA-232 Connection

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      LED Indicators

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      IEEE C37.94 Fiber-Optic Connection



High-Speed Communications
The SEL-2894 has very low latency adding only 375 µs of through delay back-to-back. It works with EIA-232 signals from 300 bps to 19,200 bps.

Three LED Indicators
TX and RX green LEDs show incoming and outgoing fiber-optic states. A standard yellow alarm LED indicates a transmission problem.

Selectable Time Reference
A side-selector switch on the SEL-2894 configures the internal clock for either external or internal time reference.

Flexible Power Supply
The converter connects directly to a standard 9-pin serial port and receives power directly on Pin 1 so no external power is required when used with SEL relays. The converter can also receive power from an external supply when connected to other devices.