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Trip Coil Monitor

Apply the SEL-2652 Trip Coil Monitor to verify circuit breaker or lockout relay trip coil and trip circuit connections for continuity. The SEL-2652 is self-powered, displays either circuit breaker or continuity status with an external LED, and reports status to SCADA with a Form C contact.

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Request a Follow-Up

Convenient Monitoring—Detect circuit breaker status or trip circuit continuity status using the clearly identifiable local indication LED, available in red and blue.

Operation Versatility—Eliminate the need to stock different trip coil monitors for trip coils with different voltage ranges. The SEL-2652 Trip Coil Monitor is self-powered with a voltage range of 48–125 Vdc.

Remote Status Updates—Stay updated with the continuity or breaker status reported to SCADA via a Form C contact.


  • Eliminate the need to stock different trip coil monitors with the SEL-2652, which has a wide voltage range (48 Vdc to 125 Vdc).
  • Quickly detect circuit breaker status with the SEL-2652A or continuity status with the SEL-2652B using clearly identifiable local indication LEDs available in red and blue.
  • Use convenient remote indication to easily monitor trip circuit health without nuisance alarms during normal circuit breaker operations.
  • Reduce maintenance using this rugged device, designed and tested for substation environments.
  • Install in minutes with panel-mount design and Connectorized terminal block.

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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