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Teleprotection Terminal

Securely transfer contacts through a high-speed IEEE C37.94 optical-fiber interface. Use the SEL-2595 Teleprotection Terminal to send and receive up to eight relay contacts directly over a pair of optical fibers or through a digital T1 or SONET multiplexer.

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Rapid Fault Clearing—Take advantage of existing substation communications paths with IEEE C37.94 compliant channels, and send permissive, blocking, and direct transfer trip signals between substations. The SEL-2595 provides better than 5.5 ms back-to-back operating time via 64 kbps IEEE C37.94 communications.

Safety and Noise Immunity—Use fiber-optic cables between protection and telecommunications devices to avoid ground paths and induced noise interference.

Reduced Costs—Employ eight bidirectional channels per terminal to pass critical protection data for pilot protection schemes, such as POTT, DCB, DCUB, and DTT (direct transfer trip).

Reliability—Increase the reliability of auxiliary relay functions with the self-testing capability of the SEL-2595. Digital error detection provides better security than audio tone equipment.


Use Compliant IEEE C37.94 Standard Fiber-Optic Interface
complies with the IEEE C37.94 standard for optical connection to communications multiplexers.

Operate at High Speed
Provide a faster than 5.5 ms back-to-back operate time while occupying a single 64 kb time slot in a digital multiplexer.

Improve Security
Digital error detection provides better security than audio tone equipment.

Improve Safety
Replace control wiring to outside cabinets with fiber-optic cable to eliminate paths for dangerous voltages.

Annunciate With User-Configurable Labels
Allow clear indication of the system function and status.

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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