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Use the SEL-5620 software, included at no cost with the SEL-2411TM, to view and collect temperature measurement data. Connect your computer via Ethernet to the SEL-2411TM to view minimum and maximum daily temperatures for up to eight storage units, and trend historical temperature data in a graph using a simple, flexible interface. Export trend graphs or data tables in PDF format for your records.


Size 27.00 MB
Date Code 20210107


This install does not require administrator privileges to install.  SEL-5620 will only be available to the user that installed it.

Verifying SEL Software Downloads

Minimum Software Version

Product Revision Z Number acSELerator QuickSet Version SEL Grid Configurator Version
SEL-2411 R400-V0 011
SEL-2411 R320-V1 010
SEL-2411 R320-V0 010
SEL-2411 R319-V0 010
SEL-2411 R316-V0 008