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Recorded Webinar

Preventing PT Failures and Locating Generation Loss With Synchrowave Operations

Date held: June 22, 2022
Duration: 1 hour

Due to the increase of renewables and other inverter-based resources, power system dynamics are becoming more complex. Often, these dynamics are too complex to detect with the data rates of traditional SCADA and energy management systems. SEL-5702 Synchrowave Operations Software, SEL’s next-generation wide-area situational awareness software, combines various forms of high-resolution time-series data to provide operations environments with greater visibility and insights that enhance decision-making abilities. 

In this recorded webinar, Development Lead Engineer Jared Bestebreur introduces two new features that expand the insights Synchrowave Operations delivers to grid operators and engineers.

One new feature uses high-resolution streaming data to detect and mitigate incipient PT failures. Jared shares the story of one utility that used this data to detect abnormalities in their system, identify a pattern, and prevent impending PT failures.  

The second feature automatically identifies assets impacted by a system event and labels the disturbance on Synchrowave Operations’ real-time trend panel, providing immediate information for operators and engineers. Jared discusses the applications and benefits of this feature, such as quickly and efficiently determining the location of generation loss events.  

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Jared Bestebreur

Jared Bestebreur