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Recorded Webinar

New to SEL Blueframe—Virtualization and Credential Management

Date held: September 29, 2021

The SEL Blueframe application platform brings innovation to operational technology (OT) computing environments as a reliable and economical solution to address concerns with computing security, management, and complexity.

This webinar provides an update on new capabilities, features, and applications added to Blueframe since its release in early 2021. Two major updates we discuss are:

  • Blueframe can now be virtualized on server-grade hardware from other vendors, in addition to being deployed on SEL automation controllers.
  • The Data Management and Automation (DMA) application suite now offers a Credential Management application package, which supports password management and proxy report collection using SEL security gateways.

The webinar not only introduces the new features but also provides an overview of the SEL Blueframe application platform and the value it adds in an asset management system, including improving OT environment security and addressing implementation concerns.



Cailin Ventresco

Lead Product Manager