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Recorded Webinar

WAN Case Study—Addressing Analog Leased Line Obsolescence

Date held: June 13, 2018

Many telecom carriers are phasing out their analog leased line services and shifting their focus to digital services. You may be faced with paying escalating fees to continue using their analog leased lines, accepting compromised protection performance, or modernizing your substation equipment.

Consumers Energy, a public utility, faced this challenge on 35 analog leased line circuits with direct transfer trip (DTT), current differential, and permissive overreaching transfer trip (POTT) schemes. This webinar chronicles Consumers Energy’s experience implementing an innovative solution based on the SEL ICON to migrate to digital leased lines and maintain the performance of protection circuits. The solution runs over a telecom carrier network based on Ciena's Carrier Ethernet technology.

During the webinar, we will share the following:

  • Consumers Energy applications that run over analog lines.
  • Performance requirements for protection circuits.
  • Test results with and without the SEL ICON.
  • Cost comparisons for alternative approaches.

Presenters: Paul Robertson from SEL; Jonathan Geurink from Consumers Energy; Mitch Simcoe from Ciena.

For more information about the SEL ICON, visit the product page.