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Synchronization Systems

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SEL Engineering Services provides both custom and pre-engineered generator and microgrid synchronization systems.

Our teams have extensive experience designing complete synchronizing systems. These systems send control set points to any number of generators or inverters. An SEL relay at each point of coupling automatically closes the circuit breaker once acceptable slip, phase angles, and voltage differences are detected.

We provide systems and panels with automatic, manual, local, and remote functionality (or a combination thereof).

What SEL Can Do for You

Integration of Renewables and Microgrids

The library modules for our Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) family offer standardized interconnection controls for renewable generation sources. These pre-engineered function blocks simplify control of the point of common coupling (PCC) between the utility grid and a generation source and solve common interconnection issues.

Our synchronization solutions include the ability to proactively island microgrid generation sources and distributed energy resources, protecting utility equipment and preventing dangerous backflow conditions.

Aurora Assessment

An Aurora attack exploits gaps in traditional generator protection to intentionally open a breaker and close it out of synchronism, causing damage to connected power system equipment, such as generators, motors, and transformers.

The SEL team can help determine if your generation system is vulnerable to an Aurora-style attack—and protect it.

Simple, Secure Relay-Based Protection

SEL supplies several types of pre-engineered synchronization systems using only relays. Configuration and documentation are sold as a package that you install and commission. These solutions include:

Solutions With Targeted Features

SEL can provide solutions that include any combination of the following:

  • IEEE 1547 voltage and frequency ride-through compliance
  • Integration with protective relays
  • Automated generator and inverter interfaces
  • Proactive islanding
  • Dispatch controls
  • Demand response
  • Fault circuit and open-circuit isolation
  • RTAC libraries

Questions? Contact Us!

An SEL representative will follow up with you directly. We’re happy to answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for your needs.

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Unbeatable Support

When you choose SEL, you get more than products and services—you get a partnership. Our customer support teams are experts in power system products and applications, and they’re available for the entire life of your SEL solution.

Engineering Services project engineers are ready to assist you in various project stages from planning through final commissioning of the system. Afterward, you have access to technical support from SEL application engineers, at no charge, as long as SEL products remain in service.