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Manage and Secure Power System Assets

Automate Maintenance and Testing and Reduce Costs

Power System Assets

Meet NERC PRC-005 Requirements

SEL has the services and intelligent electronic devices to ensure power system reliability. Many generation and transmission owners are required to comply with security standards and reliability requirements established by NERC. SEL can help meet your NERC requirements and improve your protection system security and reliability.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

Beyond just compliance, monitoring critical assets with available technology gives owners the ability to keep power system assets online and secure. Reduce costs by securely automating maintenance using installed, existing devices or by adding a few new devices. Whether you plan to use SEL devices or a fully developed Engineering Services system, you can be assured that the solution is engineered to improve reliability and security.

Application and Implementation Know How
Engineering Services’ applies cybersecurity in a layered approach maximizing reliability while minimizing the intrusiveness of controls with existing critical processes. We engineer automated performance based maintenance systems to reduce maintenance cost and increase asset life. In depth experience allows us to tailor a solution to meet each user’s needs.

Inherent Device Capability
The SEL Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) provides the brains and security for an automated system. The RTAC is able to verify, monitor, and confirm power system components status to assist with compliance activities. With built-in libraries, advanced standard features, and secure operation, the RTAC is a powerful solution for automation.

Simplify Compliance
It is not enough to simply perform compliance activities; entities must also document those activities. Easily set-up automated compliance reporting by taking advantage of the RTAC’s standard libraries. The Engineering Services team can audit existing security and maintenance programs to determine improvement areas in order to streamline compliance for NERC PRC-005, CIP, and more. 

Utilizing Power System Assets

Power Assets Diagram V4

The RTAC platform is an automation controller, data concentrator and protocol converter and is a key component to implementing asset management systems. An automated monitoring system can use many of the protective relay’s inherent abilities to validate and ensure a reliable power system.

System Components


SEL-3555 (Real-Time Automation Controller)

The SEL-3555 RTAC is the most powerful RTAC with unmatched performance and high-speed logic capabilities for critical automation, protection, and control.


SEL-3620 Ethernet Security Gateway

A router, virtual private network (VPN) endpoint, and firewall device, the SEL-3620 can perform secure and proxy user access for serial-and Ethernet-based intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).

System Modeling

acSELerator RTAC Library Extensions

Download the acSELerator RTAC library extensions, and take advantage of the flexibility that the SEL RTAC product line provides for your automation and integration applications. These library extensions are prebuilt code components for the advanced users of the SEL RTAC. Once downloaded, the instruction manuals for each of the library extensions will be accessible via the acSELerator RTAC help menu.