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    Seamless Transitions Between Grid and Islanded Operation

    Microgrid Services

    SEL Engineering Services (ES) provides comprehensive microgrid control, protection, and metering systems. Microgrid controls prevent blackouts and optimize distributed energy resource (DER) operational costs. Protection prevents human injury and equipment damage during short-circuit events. Metering solutions provide timely information for power system dispatchers.


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    Key Offerings

    • Seamless islanding
    • Synchronization
    • Standby generation control
    • Inverter dispatch
    • Islanded blackstart
    • Energy reductions
    • Automated network reconfiguration
    • Volt/VAR optimization
    • Dispatch control


    Reliable Power for Dynamic Positioning

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    Reliable Power for Dynamic Positioning

    Synchrophasors Help Integrate Solar Generation

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    Synchrophasors Help Integrate Solar Generation

    Service Offerings


    Point of Interface Control Systems

    SEL islanding and synchronization systems provide automatic separation and reconnection to macrogrids without power outages.


    Microgrid Controls

    SEL microgrid control systems are efficient, reliable, and secure solutions for guaranteeing uninterrupted energy delivery to your facility and customers.


    DNA (Distribution Network Automation)

    SEL DNA systems combine fast protection with flexible automation control and communications for a distribution automation solution that makes your system safer, more reliable, and more economical.


    Security Services

    SEL cybersecurity services help customers assess, support, and develop control system security infrastructure. Our services support NERC CIP standards as well as other security standards and regulations. SEL personnel have multidisciplinary experience in substations, control systems, and information security and maintain multiple industry security certifications. 



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